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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Ghost and UIU Imaging and License Agreement


Information Technology purchases blocks of Symantec Ghost and Big Bang’s Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) licenses for purposes of efficiently managing the configuration, software, and security settings of University owned computers supported by Information Technology (IT) Computer Support Specialists. IT’s license model is intended to comprise a significant number of University owned computers. Colleges and administrative departments may participate in the imaging solution. Ghost and UIU licenses will be provided to the client without an associated fee under the conditions outlined in this document.

It is agreed as follows:

  1. Information Technology Client Support Services agrees to provide training, imaging, and administrative support to the client for purposes of imaging multiple computers:
    1. Training is available from the assigned IT Computer Support Specialist or by arranging for group or individual training sessions through the Partners Program.
    2. An updated base IT image will be made available to the client once per month. This will include the current supported Windows Operating System and patches, Microsoft Office Suite, PDF Reader software, administrative utilities, wireless access utilities, and UW’s supported antivirus application supplied for University owned computers. The base image is configured according to IT security standards.
    3. Information Technology will make available a single desktop computer for a department’s temporary use in building a production image.
    4. A designated IT Computer Support Specialist will be responsible for making up to two images (desktop, laptop, or one of each) per division code, as defined by Human Resources, by appointment, free of charge. Divisions are recognized as those generally depicted on University Organization Charts at the President, Vice President, and Dean level. Additional images (beyond the initial two images) may be created for a division for a one-time setup fee of $150 per image and an annual maintenance fee of $50 which will be billed in July of each year. The date of the request for the creation of any additional images will be recorded by IT and the originator of the request will be contacted by IT in late May of each year to determine if they will continue to use imaging services for the following fiscal year. In the event that one or both of the first two requestors within a division no longer wish to participate, imaging services will be provided free of charge for the next request(s) from that division. A $50 yearly maintenance fee will be charged to the requesting department/unit for each image in excess of the two initial images allowed per division. Fees will be billed via IT Billing Services. An image created for one division may be used by another division without counting against the second division's two images, as long as no changes to the image are required.
    5. Central storage space will be configured for secure access to the division/client’s designee(s).
    6. Client imaged computer accounts will be added to the UWYO Active Directory by IT staff including the IT Help Desk or IT Computer Support Specialist; or designated administrators of UWYO Domain Organizational Units (OU). This is required to track license usage to stay in legal compliance with license agreements. Training sessions will provide OU administrators instructions to properly add a computer account to the UWYO Active Directory.
  2. Information Technology's Telecommunication and Systems Support agrees to provide the following:
    1. Storage space not to exceed 15 GB per single desktop image and additional 15 GB per single laptop image per single division code.
      1. Storage space that exceeds the maximum quota will be billed at normal data storage rates through IT Billing Services.
  3. The Client agrees that the Client:
    1. will receive/attend training sessions conducted by an Information Technology staff member.
    2. is responsible for ensuring use of Ghost and UIU licenses for the purpose of imaging multiple computers does not violate any software license agreements that are not already installed on the base IT image.
    3. on a first-come, first-served basis, the client will build their production image on physical hardware provided by Information Technology, and return the hardware to IT within two business days
    4. will not remove components prior to installing other specialized software for unique division needs. Security settings, administrative accounts, antivirus, and the UW image login splash screen information will remain unchanged.
    5. is responsible for the building of each computer system from which an image is to be created by an IT staff member.
    6. will add all imaged computers to the UWYO Active Directory by contacting an IT staff member or performing the task themselves.
    7. will configure the imaged computer to log into the UWYO domain
    8. will notify IT when a new build is ready to be imaged.
      1. divisions may only change their image once per month.
      2. If critical security patches are released, IT will provide a new base image prior to the normal monthly image creation.
    9. is responsible for managing permissions on the central storage secured share.
    10. agrees to pay for additional storage space above and beyond the maximum of two 15 GB images; billable at standard data storage rates.
  4. Clients who intend to use imaging licenses for computers that do not comply with the above requirements are expected to purchase and track their own imaging utility licenses using departmental resources.
  5. Information Technology is unable to support systems that are imaged with a non-IT base image.
  6. Computers that participate in non-UWYO domains are not eligible for this service.
  7. IT will conduct checks on departmental builds intended for imaging and central storage. UW-provided antivirus, firewall settings, and the original splash screen must be present to be eligible for imaging.
Complete the text fields below, print this form, add appropriate signatures, and return to the IT Front Desk in the lobby of the Information Technology Center.
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