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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Work at Home Acceptance Form

Print this web page. Send the completed and signed agreement to WAH c/o IT Client Support Services Front Desk, Information Technology Center. Pay for the order online. The DVDs will be delivered to you through campus mail or you may pick them up from the IT Front Desk in the lobby of the Information Technology Center when they are available.

This acceptance form is valid for the Microsoft software products checked below, which shall be referred to collectively herein as the "Software." Software is made available to you because the University of Wyoming has purchased license coverage for the Software through its Microsoft Campus Agreement. The University of Wyoming is ordering the right for you to use the Software at home under its Microsoft Campus Subscription Enrollment. You do not own the license or the CDs/DVDs, rather you are authorized to use the Software and associated media (DVDs) pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Campus Agreement during the licensed period starting August 1, 2015 and ending August 31, 2017. You will be required to remove the Software from your home machine immediately if your employment by the University of Wyoming ends. This offer is only available to UW benefited staff and faculty. Student employees are not eligible. Employees may only order one license per Microsoft software title.

Work At Home rights have been ordered by the University of Wyoming for the following product(s) (referred to collectively herein as the "Software"). Prices and product versions are subject to change without notice.

Check box beside items being ordered.

  Available Products Price
Office Professional 2013 $39.22
Office Professional 2010 $39.22
Office 2011 for Mac $39.22
Windows 8 Pro 32-bit Upgrade (not full OS) $26.50
Windows 8 Pro 64-bit Upgrade (not full OS) $26.50
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Upgrade (not full OS) $26.50
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Upgrade (not full OS) $26.50

Please initial each statement below:

____  I am currently employed by the University of Wyoming.
____  I will read and abide by the License Agreement(s) associated with this Software. ( Campus.School3.2LicenseRights_U.S._Sep2003.pdf)
____  I understand that no technical support is provided by Microsoft in association with my work-at-home software.
____  I will remove the Software from my home machine immediately upon the earlier of (a) the end of my employment by the University of Wyoming, or (b) the university does not renew its institution Campus Agreement.
____  I understand that I am not licensed to use the Software for personal purposes.
____  I understand that I can only purchase 1 copy of each available product and Work at Home software cannot be returned or exchanged.

This section to be completed for all purchases:


Printed name


Office locationOffice phone


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See the UW Software ( site for a listing of all software available to UW departments and employees, including free software and software licensed for a fee.

Office Professional Plus 2010 installation tip: uninstall all trial or previous versions of Microsoft Office suites and products before installing Office Pro Plus 2010.

License Agreement (PDF)