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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

PC Maintenance Service Level Goals

Methods of Contact for Assistance

IT Client Support Services Help Desk @ 766-4357 (6-HELP) option 1


Web Service request
Computer Hardware Service Request Form

Walk-in: ITC Computer Service Center – PC hardware support

Hours of Service

Published University Business Hours
(Winter – M - F 8:00 – 5:00; Summer M – F 7:30 – 4:30) for the following:
Client Support Services and Help Desk
PC Maintenance

Service Locations

Client Support Services:
Help Desk – ITC (ask at front desk for directions)
PC Maintenance – ITC Computer Service Center
Apple Maintenance and Support – ITC Computer Service Center
PC and Peripheral Sales – ITC Departmental Computer Sales

Response Times

All times based on Hours of Service listed above

Requests submitted via webpage will be received and assigned to PC Maintenance within 1 hour of receipt during normal business hours. A PC Maintenance Technician will make contact with the submitter within 1 business day of being assigned the ticket.

Phone calls made to the Help Desk will be recorded in the CSS call logging system. If the call cannot be resolved during initial contact, it will be assigned to the PC Maintenance Group. A PC Maintenance technician will make contact with the caller within 1 business day of being assigned the ticket unless the severity level assigned by the Help Desk Supervisor is “urgent”. Contact for urgent calls will be made within 1 hour of assignment to the PC Maintenance Group.

Definition of Services Provided

Warranty Repairs:
These are repairs for which the manufacturer fully compensates our effort (parts and labor). Currently we only provide warranty repairs for Dell. No fee charged.

Warranty Assist:
Where PC Maintenance acts on the behalf of the client in performing repairs or assisting with technical support on items where we are not reimbursed by the manufacturer. Fee charged

Time and Labor:
Charges will be made for time and labor for repairs and cost of parts and shipping. Labor charges are outlined on the Client Fees page.

CPU Setup:
Setup includes un-boxing, placing in location for use, and connecting cables. Relocating of old system included if arranged in advance, otherwise it is a separate charge and a separately scheduled event. No initial power-up and software configuration.

Peripheral Setup:
Applies to most items sold by Computer Sales and Maintenance and includes un-boxing, placing in location for use, connecting cables, installing drivers and testing functionality. Fee charged

Applies only to new Dell system (CPU and display) purchases and includes only removing the CPU and monitor from the box and verifying the service tag numbers. No fee charged.

Warranty Service

Computer Sales and Maintenance will provide warranty assistance at no charge for Dell computers. For all other manufacturers, there will be a charge of $25/year through the warranty expiration date, plus any labor, shipping and handling charges incurred. This assistance will be handled on a best efforts basis.

All warranty issues involving installation/re-installation of components will be charged for labor as outlined in the fee schedule on the Client Fees page.

Installation of parts purchased from Computer Sales and installed by PC and Apple Maintenance Technicians will be warranted for 60 days. Part(s) purchased by user and delivered to PC or Apple Maintenance for installation will not be warranted in any way.


Payment for part purchase or repairs will be in the form of a departmental IDR. No purchase of parts or performance of repairs will take place until the IDR is received.

Equipment Pickup/Delivery

Client will be responsible to insure that equipment to be repaired is available for pickup with IDR attached to the equipment. Equipment will not picked up if the IDR is not present, unless other arrangements are made prior to scheduled pickup time.

Computer Sales and Maintenance personnel will not move CPU’s printers or other peripheral equipment unless scheduled to do so. Charges are outlined in the fee schedule on the Client Fees page.

If equipment scheduled for pickup and repair is not located where specified on the repair ticket, the pickup will not be made as scheduled. Locating an item to be repaired is not the responsibility of Computer Sales and Maintenance Personnel.

Items will be picked up for repair within 24 hours of call and returned in 5 business days, unless the customer is contacted with a reason why that time is not possible. Valid reasons will include: part on backorder, order lost by vendor, lack of repair space due to storage of equipment waiting on parts delivery.

Software Support

Other than driver updates, installation of peripheral software, and data recovery all software support will be performed by IT user consultants via the Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1.

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