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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Employee Telephone Services Contract


PBN ____________________

WO _____________________

Axis ____________________

checkbox subscriber account
checkbox MRC/OCC
checkbox assign phone number
checkbox address
checkbox status

Switch __________________

VM _____________________


Send my bill to
(select either UW Department or Home Address):
Home Address


Activate Long Distance with no monthly charge
Out-of-state flat rate: $0.10 per minute
In-state flat rate: $0.12 per minute
University of Wyoming rates are subject to change


Activate Caller ID
Caller ID is available for $2 per month with a $5 set-up fee. You must provide your own Caller ID box or compatible phone.
  Call Waiting ID is available with Caller ID for an additional $1 per month.


Activate Voice-Mail
Voice-Mail is available for $6 per month with a $5 set-up fee.

The following options determine how your voice mail box will be programmed. There is no extra cost for these features.
    Select either Call Forward Busy (CFB) or Call Waiting:
  Call Forward Busy (CFB)
  Call Waiting
While on the phone you have the option to keep call waiting activated, or you can activate the CFB feature which will send all of your calls directly to voice mail while you are speaking to someone else.

Call Forward No Answer.

Voice Mail can answer your calls after a specified number of rings, instead of having to manually forward your telephone when you want Voice Mail to answer your calls. With this option you can still manually Call Forward to Voice Mail.

Auto Login.
From your telephone, Auto Login lets you dial into your Voice Mail Box without putting in your mail box number and password. From other telephones, you will need to enter your mailbox number and password.

Cellular Service
  BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) connection:
$12.50 per month plus a $100 one-time setup fee.
  Cellular equipment

I agree to use the University of Wyoming telephone service in a manner consistent with the polices of the University of Wyoming and State and Federal laws. I recognize UW long-distance service is a privilege and the University, at its sole discretion, may discontinue my authorization to use the UW long-distance telephone service. I will return the UW Long Distance Card to the Telecommunication Services Department when requested. I will notify Telecommunication Services, 766-4357, option 2, when I am no longer employed by UW. I hereby acknowledge the terms and conditions as stated in this contract and indicate acceptance to be bound by the same.

Return completed contract to IT Billing Office, room 326, Information Technology Center

Terms and Conditions

There are NO surcharge fees. Calls can be made from any on-campus extension (UW calling cards cannot be used off-campus). Billing records are considered confidential.

EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITY: All phone calls made against your card are your responsibility. UW Long Distance calling cards are property of the University of Wyoming and must be surrendered upon request. In the case of loss or theft, you will be responsible for all charges incurred until the time you report, in writing, the loss or theft of the calling card to the IT Billing office, room 326, ITC, 766-4357, option 2. There is no charge for card replacement.

BILLING: You will be billed monthly for your long-distance calls and any other optional services desired. The bill will be delivered to your on-campus address unless otherwise specified. Payment must be made within 20 days to the UW Cashier’s Office or service may be discontinued. Problems with billing must be identified within 30 days of receipt of bill.

A deposit is not required. You will have an initial credit limit of $100.00 unless other arrangements are made. When your account exceeds the $100.00 limit, long-distance service may be discontinued until the entire balance is paid. Notification will be made by phone or by mail that your long-distance service is being discontinued. If payment is not received within 5 days of discontinuance an additional $10.00 will be charged to reactivate your long-distance service.

CREDITS & INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Credit is not given for calls disconnected in progress, misdialed calls and poor connections. Long-distance service is limited to the United States and Canada unless requested otherwise. In many international countries, calls may be billed in an All-Circuits-Busy condition. When this occurs the employee will be billed for the call since UW is billed for the call. In general, credit is not given for any problems with international calls. If problems are encountered to a particular country it is suggested the employee use another long-distance carrier's card.

UNPAID BILLS & FRAUD: Unpaid telephone bills are subject to University employee account policies which include, but are not limited to the withholding of wages from payroll checks. Failure to pay your bill may result in assessment of collection costs, including collection agency costs, court cost and attorney fees. Returned checks will result in a fine according to University policy. Fraudulent use, misuse or theft of UW telephone services and calling cards is considered a theft of service under Wyoming State Law and is a punishable offense.

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