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Cisco CallManager

CallManager is a FREE web application/interface included with your VoIP telephone service. It allows you to change and update settings on your phone without having to contact the Telecommunications Help Desk.

Voice over IP telephone users

  • Log on to Cisco CallManager – contact the IT Telecom Help Desk, 766-4357, option 2, for Web address information and to obtain a password.
  • User ID – your UWYO Domain username
  • Password – after contacting the IT Telecom Help Desk for password information,
    please create your own unique password after your initial log on.

NOTE: If you have problems or questions please call the Telecom Help Desk at 766-4357, option 2 Cisco CallManager User Logon screen


The CallManager Web interface allows you to:

Add/Update your Speed Dials

Use this page to enter the phone numbers you want associated with each of your Speed Dial buttons. Once you’ve made all your changes make sure you press the Update button, so that the changes are reflected on your phone set.


  • For Campus numbers use a 5 digit number (example 64900)
  • For Off-Campus local numbers use a 9 digit number (example 97602411)
  • For Long Distance or Toll Free numbers use a 12 digit number (example 918005551212)

Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services

Use this page to subscribe, unsubscribe and update IP Phone Services.

  • To subscribe to a Service, select the service you would like to subscribe to from the drop down menu under Available services, and click Continue and then click Subscribe.
  • To update (or unsubscribe from) a service to which you are already subscribed, click on the name of the service under Your Subscribed Services, and either click Update or Unsubscribe
  • NOTE: the only services available under IP Phone Services are Corporate Directory and My Fast Dials
    1. Corporate Directory is a directory of all Cisco Phone sets across campus.
    2. My Fast Dials is a personal directory of frequently dialed numbers created using your personal address book.

Configure your Personal Address Book

Use this page to add/update/delete numbers from your personal address book. You then can program a number from your personal address book, into a Fast Dial, which then can be retrieved from your phone set.

  • You can search for someone in your personal address book by typing a name into the First Name/Last Name/ or Nick Name fields and pressing Search.
  • You can add/update/delete your Fast Dials from this page by clicking Fast Dials.
    1. To add or update a Fast Dial, double click the Fast Dial you want to change. Choose a directory number from your Personal Address Book or enter a Directory number and click Insert or Update.
    2. To delete a Fast dial, check the box next to the Fast Dial you want to Delete and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Delete Selected button.
  • You can add numbers into your personal address book by clicking Add a New Entry. After adding information select Insert.

Change the Message Waiting Lamp policy for your phone

Use this page to set the Message Waiting Lamp behavior for each line on your phone. This policy ONLY affects the right light on the phone’s handset. The message waiting indicator on the phone’s display is always active for all lines:

There are 3 options for the Message Waiting Lamp:

  • “Use System Policy” follows the policy determined by your system administrator. Contact your phone system administrator if you are not sure what policy is used.
  • “Always light” causes the lamp to light if there is a message waiting on this line of your phone.
  • “Never light” causes the lamp to stay off even when you have messages waiting on this line. The message waiting indicator on your phone’s display still shows if you have messages on this line.

Change the Locale for this phone

Use this page to select the User Locale for your phone set. The User Locale determines the language used on the phone’s display. A User Locale is optional; if you do not select one, the system defaults to English.

To change it, select the language you want and then select Update.

Change the Locale for these web pages

Use this page to select the User Locale for your profile. The User Locale in your profile determines the language for these web pages. A User Locale is optional. If you do not select one, the system defaults to English.

To change it, select the language you want and then select Update.

Change your Password

Use this page to change the password you use to log on to the Cisco CallManager Web site. Your password must be from 4 to 20 characters (no spaces or quotes). You must enter your current password to change it.

To change your password, fill in the Current Password, New Password and Confirm Password fields and select Update.

Change your PIN

Use this page to change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) you use to logon to Cisco IP Phone Services. Your PIN must be from 5 to 20 digits. You must enter your old PIN in order to change to the new PIN. Contact the IT Telecom Help Desk, 766-4357, option 2, to obtain your initial PIN number.

  • To change your PIN, fill in the Current PIN, New PIN and Confirm PIN fields and select Update.
  • NOTE: If you change your PIN number you MUST go back to the Configure your Cisco IP Phone Services screen and select My Fast Dials. Update your PIN on that screen in order to be able to access your Fast Dials from your phone set.

View the User Guide for your phone
(Multi Line 7940/7960 ONLY)

This page gives you access to an online tutorial for the 7940 and 7960 Cisco sets.

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