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University of Wyoming

Insects in the Home

Have you moved into a Wyoming rental unit and thought you've found fleas? It's possible. (UW)


This website contains information on common household insects, and other arthropods, of Wyoming. Know your bug before treating because you might not need to treat. Some insects, and many spiders, are beneficial in controlling other insect pest species. Follow the provided links to learn more about your bug and, if treatment is necessary, we suggest you try Integrated Pest Management (IPM) alternatives before applying pesticides.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combines physical common sense strategies with chemical pest control. The only main difference between IPM and traditional pest control measures is that we use chemicals as a last tool.


  • We save money in the long run, or we manage our pest problems more effectively within an already limited budget.
  • Immediately, we reduce public health risks to any unintended side effects from routine pesticide exposure while still managing for pests.
  • We reduce the trend toward pest resistance to chemical treatments.
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