Materials Research Group

Graphene Materials
Graphene, graphene oxide, and other graphene-like materials have been the subject of intense research recently. Graphene became famous overnight when the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Novoselov and Geim in 2008. Graphene, the new wonder material, has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity, highest tensile strength, largest Young’s modulus, and a plethora of other remarkable properties that make it deserving of so much attention. Our research group focuses on the synthesis of the material in the bulk phase (powdered form) from various carbon sources as well as finding applications for this form of the material. Recently, our work has focused on optically transparent, conductive thin film applications that seek to replace more expensive indium tin oxides (ITO’s) in devices such as touch screens, organic photovoltaics, solar cells, and current collectors for lithium ion batteries. However, future work will focus on ice-o-phobic and anti-corrosive coatings as well as the synthesis of super-composites from polymer and graphene functionalization.
Image of annealed reduced graphene oxide film for lithium ion battery current collector application