Brief Bio


I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Knoxville, Tennessee.  As an undergraduate, I attended the University of Pennsylvania where I majored in Math.  I then attended the University of Delaware and met the woman who was to become my wife.  Cynthia and I married while I was busy earning my Ph.D. from the University of Delaware.  My wonderful son, Jaedon followed soon after.  I earned my Ph.D. in 2004 under the guidance of my advisor Felix Lazebnik.  Upon matriculating, I was hired for a one year position as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Albion College.  I then was a Visiting Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for two years, where I learned more about association schemes and the Q-polynomial property from Bill Martin.  I then had a two year visiting position at the University of Colorado Denver.  While there I learned more finite geometry, in particular about hyperovals and generalized quadrangles, from my interactions with Stanley Payne and Bill Cherowitzo.  During this time my lovely daughter Cadence was born. I was hired for a tenure-track position at the University of Wyoming in 2009, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2015.

Jaedon is now sixteen and Cadence is eight, and they both keep us all pretty busy, particularly since they are homeschooled. I spend most of my leisure activity outside of work with my family. I like strategy games of all kinds (although I rarely have the opportunity to play them), and enjoy solving Tavern and Mechanical puzzles.