Submitted Articles:

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            Refereed Publications:

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Non-Refereed Proceedings/Transactions:

W.J. Martin, M. Muzychuk and J. Williford, “Some new constructions of imprimitive cometric association schemes,” Proceedings of Algebraic Combinatorics, an international conference in honour of Eiichi Bannai's 60th birthday (edited by A. Munemasa), Sendai International Center, 2006.

My mathematical interests center around the interplay between algebra, finite geometry and combinatorics. Association schemes and coherent configurations are generalizations of permutation groups that provide a framework in which this interplay is quite rich. Recently, I have focused on generalizing the necessary conditions for existence and subset bounds of association schemes to coherent configurations. I also study extremal problems in graph theory that can be approached using constructions from finite fields and geometries.