Manor House; Bio-Intensive Agriculture Certificate

Scheduled courses are to take place over a period of three months; course content may be tailored to fit the specific needs of a group. All coursework is hands on. As established, the three month certificate coursework content is as follows;

  1. Soil Fertility Management:
    • Composting techniques and composting crops
    • Green manure, animal manures, manure tea
    • Soil health, nutrients, and factors influencing nutrient availability
    • Soil and water conservation; arid agricultural production

  2. Appropriate Technology:
    • Identify available power resources and determine suitability for applications
    • Examine non-renewable and renewable energy sources; solar technologies, animal draft power
    • Determine the best methods to initiate appropriate technology projects

  3. Agro-Forestry:
    • Introduction to Agro-forestry
    • Nursery management
    • Agro-forestry systems and practices
    • Economic species and their management

  4. Livestock Management:
    • Introduction to livestock production and management
    • Management systems
    • Animal health, breeding and nutrition
    • Livestock “One-bed Unit”

  5. Crop Production:
    • Management practices, crop protection
    • Varietals, annual and perennial
    • Growth requirements, yields and harvesting
    • Storage and marketing

  6. Community Development:
    • Introduction to community development and extension services
    • Community development approaches to farming communities, Mini-Training Centers
    • Group dynamics and leadership skills, problem solving

  7. Family Nutrition and Health:
    • Introduction to the principles of human nutrition and the world food problem
    • Functions of nutrients in the body, and nutritional requirements
    • Methods of assessing nutritional status, sources of nutrition
    • Food preparation, preservation, and storage
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