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Laboratories & Equipment

Protein synthesis & purification

Our model proteins for folding studies are synthesized chemically, using solid-phase FMOC peptide synthesis. Chemical synthesis allows incorporation of 13C isotopically labeled amino acids in specific target positions. It is also straightforward to generate mutated variants of the model proteins. The synthesis is done on a fully automated peptide synthesizer, which allows synthesis of two sequences in parallel and up to 130 unassisted amino acid couplings. Synthetic proteins are purified with by HPLC.

PTI Tribute automated peptide synthesizer

Beckman Gold HPLC


PS 119: Spectroscopy lab

PS 119: Spectroscopy lab

Bruker Tensor 27 FTIR

Bruker Vertex 70 step-scanning FTIR

Nanodrop UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Sample prep area

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