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Professor MacDonnell's Publications

Professor MacDonnell's SSRN page


Arizona v. California Revisited, 52 Natural Resources Journal 363 (2012). SSRN

Integrating Use of Ground and Surface Water in Wyoming, 47 Idaho Law Review 51 (2011). Westlaw

Enhancing Stream Flows in Wyoming, Wyoming Water Research Program (Feb. 2011). Internet

The Disappearing Colorado River, Western Economic Forum (Fall 2010). Internet

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Natural Resources Dispute Resolution: An Overview, 28 Natural Resources Journal 5 (1988) (also coordinating editor with An Painter of this special issue on environmental dispute resolution). Hein Online

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Regulating Socioeconomic Impacts: Comparing the Colorado and Wyoming Approaches, 20 Land & Water Law Review 193 (1985). Hein Online

Note, 48 Denver Law Journal 417 (1972) (co-author).

Other Publications

Legal Developments, regular column published since 2001 in each issue of the green line, produced 3 times annually by the Colorado Riparian Association (2001-2009). the green line

Streamflows in the Rocky Mountain West: Strategies to Protect and Restore "Environmental Flows", The Water Report, Issue No. 56, at 15-25 (Oct. 15, 2008).

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Water as a Commodity, Southwest Hydrology, Vol. 3, No. 2, at 16-17, 26 (Mar./Apr. 2004).

Colorado's First Conservation Bank, Boulder County Bar Newsletter (June 2003).

No Easy Answers in the San Luis Valley, review of The Last Ranch. A Colorado Community and the Coming Desert, Rivers, Vol. 3, No. 2, at 181-83 (2000) (book review).

Marketing Water Rights, Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy, Vol. 13, No. 3, at 52-55 (fall 1998).

The "Good News" in Western Water, review of Restoring the Waters, Rivers, Vol. 6, No. 3, at 210-13 (1998) (book review).

Global Change in Microcosm: The Case of U.S. Water Institutions, Policy Sciences, Vol. 29, No. 4, at 271-290 (1996/1997) (co-author with Miller and Rhodes).

Sustainable Use of Water Resources, Natural Resources and Environment, Vol. 12, No. 2, at 97-100, 145-46 (fall 1997).

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Water and Community in Northern New Mexico, review of Mayordomo and River of Traps, Rivers, Vol. 3, No. 2, at 175 (1993) (book review).

Institutional Response to Climate Change: Water Provider Organizations in the Denver Metropolitan Region, Water Resources Research, Vol. 28, No. 1, at 11-18 (Jan. 1992) (co-author with Rhodes and Miller).

Review of Overtapped Oasis: Reform or Revolution for Western Water, Environment, Vol. 34, No. 3, at 31 (Apr. 1992) (book review).

The Water Marketing Solution, review of Markets for Federal Water and Trading Water: An Economic and Legal Framework for Water Marketing, Rivers, Vol. 2, at 264-66 (July 1991) (book review). 

Restoring and Maintaining the Integrity of the Nation's Water: An Assessment of the Clean Water Act, Water Resources Update, Issue No. 84 (winter 1991).

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Regulation of Wastes from the Metals Mining Industry: The Shape of Things to Come, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, at 323-347 (1988).

Out-of-Basin Water Exports in Colorado, Resource Law Notes, No. 11 (Apr. 1987).

Public Policy for Hard-Rock Mineral Access on Federal Lands: A Legal-Economic Analysis, Colorado School of Mines Quarterly, Vol. 71, No. 2 (Apr. 1976).

The Politics of Expropriation, Chilean Style, Colorado School of Mines Quarterly (1973).

Research Reports and Discussion Papers

Protecting Local Economies: Legislative Options to Protect Rural Communities in Northeast Washington from Disproportionate Economic, Agricultural, and Environmental Impacts when Upstream Water Rights are Purchased and Transferred for Use, or Idled and Used as Mitigation, in a Downstream Watershed or Community, Report to the Legislature, State of Washington (Nov. 30, 2008).

Restoring the West's Waters: Opportunities for the Bureau of Reclamation, Natural Resources Law Center Research Report (1995) (principal author).

Report to the Washington State Board of Natural Resources From the Independent Review Committee (June 1995) (principal author).

New Options for the Lower Colorado River, Natural Resources Law Center Discussion Paper (1995).

Water Banks in the West, NRLC Research Report RR12 (1994) (with Howe, Miller, Rice, and Bates).

The Law of the Colorado River: Coping with Severe Sustained Drought, chapter 4 in Coping With Severe Sustained Drought in the Southwestern United States (R. Young ed., Utah Water Resources Laboratory 1994).

Reinventing Government: Moving Beyond Federal Water Quality Requirements, for the Powell Consortium Project on Application of the Park City Principles to Current Federal Water Policy (1993).

Agricultural to Urban Water Transfers in Colorado: An Assessment of the Issues and Options, NRLC Research Report RR11 (1993) (with T. Rice).

Changing Economics of the Public Lands, Western Lands Report WL02 (1993).

Instream Flow Protection in the West, NRLC Research Report RR10 (1993) (editor with T. Rice).

Facilitating Voluntary Transfers of Bureau of Reclamation - Supplied Water, Volume I (Aug. 1991) (primary author with Wahl and Driver); Volume II -- Case Studies (July 1991) (coauthor with Driver, Wahl, Rice, and Bushong), NRLC Research Report RR08.

Dolores River Instream Flow Assessment, Bureau of Land Management (Aug. 1990) (with Vandas, Whittaker, Murphy & Prichard).

Water and the Environment: Using Market-Based Approaches for Environmental Benefits, paper done for Project 88-- Round II, Incentives for Action: Implementing Market-Based Environmental Policies (July 1990).

The Water Transfer Process as a Management Option for Meeting Changing Water Demand, Volume I (Apr. 1990) (primary author with Brown, Howe and Rice), Vol. II (May 1990) (co-author with Woodard, Gray, Brown, Riley, and Squillace), NRLC Research Report RR06.

Wetlands and Water Rights, Report to EPA, Region VIII, NRLC Research Report RR07 (Sept. 1990) (with Nelson and Bloomquist).

Water Quality and Water Rights in Colorado, Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Completion Report (1989).

Integrating Tributary Groundwater Development Into the Prior Appropriation System: The South Platte Experience, Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Completion Report No. 148 (1988).

Guidelines for Developing Area of Origin Compensation, NRLC Research Report (Dec. 1985) (with Howe, Corbridge & Ahrens).

The Endangered Species Act and Water Development Within the South Platte Basin (Fort Collins: Colorado Water Resources Research Institute 1985)

The Oil Import Premium: Review and Analysis, Report to the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation, University of Denver, CO (Oct. 1983) (with S. Bleistein).

A Review of Selected U.S. Government Policies Affecting Technological Innovation in the American Economy, Working Paper #1, NASA Partnership Study, University of Denver, CO (Sept., 1982).

Facilitating Private Sector Capital Availability in Rapid Growth Communities, University of Denver, CO (Mar. 1982) (co-author).

A Lifeline Rate Structure for Electricity in Colorado: An Analysis of Issues and Approaches, University of Denver, CO (Mar. 1982) (co-author).

Household Electricity and Natural Gas Use in Colorado and an Evaluation of Alternative Electric Lifeline Rates, University of Denver, CO (Jan. 1982) (contributor).

Electricity from Wind in Colorado, University of Denver, CO (Jan. 1982) (project summary).

Colorado Residential Vehicle Study: An Analysis of Ownership and Use and an Assessment of Policies to Reduce Fuel Consumption, University of Denver, CO (Oct. 1981) (co-author).

Reducing Low-Level Radioactive Waste Volumes, included in Managing Low-Level Radioactive Wastes: A Technical Analysis, National Low-Level Waste Management Program (June 1981).

Books and Contributions to Books

The Law of Nature’s Resources (Lawrence J. MacDonnell 2012). Web Site

Managing Produced Water from Coal Bed Methane Production, in Water and Energy in the American West (Doug Kenney, ed., forthcoming 2011).

The Evolution of Natural Resources Law and Policy (American Bar Association 2009) (co-editor with Sarah Bates).

Political Decision Making: Real Decisions in Real Political Contexts, chapter 6 in The Evolution of Water Resource Planning and Decision Making (Clifford S. Russell & Duane D. Baumann, eds. 2009) (with Peter Rogers and Peter Lydon).

Foreword, Integrated Approaches to Riverine Resource Stewardship (Instream Flow Council 2008).

Colorado River Basin, revised chapter in Waters and Water Rights (R. Beck, ed., Vol. 7, 2005 ed.).

Riparian Areas: Functions and Strategies for Management (National Academy Press: Washington DC 2002) (co-author).

From Reclamation to Sustainability: Water, Agriculture, and the Environment in the American West (University Press of Colorado 1999).

A New Era for Irrigation (National Academy Press: Washington DC 1996) (co-author).

Colorado River Basin, chapter in Waters and Water Rights (R. Beck, ed., Vol. 7, 1994 ed.) (author with D. Getches).

Natural Resources Policy and Law: Trends and Directions (Island Press 1993) (editor with S. Bates).

Searching Out the Headwaters: Change and Rediscovery in Western Water (Island Press 1993) (co-author with S. Bates, D. Getches and C. Wilkinson).

Rethinking Resources: Reflections on a New Generation of Natural Resources Law and Policy, chapter 1 (author with S. Bates) and Mineral Law in the United States: A Study in Legal Change, chapter 4 in Natural Resources Policy and Law: Trends and Directions (Island Press 1993).

Controlling Water Use: The Unfinished Business of Water Quality Protection (Natural Resources Law Center 1991) (co-author with D. Getches and T. Rice). 

Water Transfers in the Western United States: Private Reallocation and Public Protection, chapter 2 in Transferability of Water Entitlements (Armidale, N.S.W., Australia; The Centre for Water Policy Research 1990).

Overview of the U.S. System of Environmental Law, chapter 1 in Proceedings of the Sino-American Conference on Environmental Law (Natural Resources Law Center 1989).

Instream Flow Protection in the West (Natural Resources Law Center 1989) (editor with T. Rice and S. Shupe).

National Interests in Instream Flows, chapter 4 in Instream Flow Protection in the West  (Natural Resources Law Center 1989) (author with T. Rice).

Plans for Augmentation: A Summary, chapter 8 in Tradition, Innovation, and Conflict: Perspectives on Colorado Water Law (Natural Resources Law Center 1987).

Tradition, Innovation, and Conflict: Perspectives on Colorado Water Law (Natural Resources Law Center 1987) (editor).

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