Novels 101-120

Table of Contents

Novel 101
Concerning curials
Novel 102
Moderator of Arabia
Novel 103
Proconsul of Palestine
Novel 104
See novel 105
Novel 105
Concerning consuls
Novel 106
Concerning interest on maritime loans
Novel 107
Last wills regarding children
Novel 108
Concerning restitutions
Novel 109
Concerning women of heretic faith
Novel 110
Concerning interest
Novel 111
Prescription period in regard to holy places
Novel 112
Concerning litigation
Novel 113
Emperial sanctions during suit
Novel 114
Imperial orders must have signature
Novel 115
Concerning six subjects
Novel 116
Concerning soldiers
Novel 117
Concerning various subject, including dissolution of marriage
Novel 118
Agnatic rights and succession at intestacy
Novel 119
Marriage gifts
Novel 120
Church property

for novel 104, see 105