Novels 21-40
Table of Contents
Novel 21
Armenians governed by Roman law
Novel 22
Novel 23
Time limits for appeals
Novel 24
Praetor of Pisidia
Novel 25
Praetor of Lycaonia
Novel 26
Praetor of Thrace
Novel 27
Count of Isauris
Novel 28
Moderator of Hellespontus
Novel 29
Praetor of Paphlagonia
Novel 30
Proconsul of Cappadocia
Novel 31
Governorships of Armenia
Novel 32
Creditors and farmers
Novel 33
Emperor Justinian to Dominicus
Novel 34
Novel 35
Assistants of the quaestor
Novel 36
Africans and recovery of property
Novel 37
African church
Novel 38
Decurions and bequeathing property to children
Novel 39
Dotal property and prenutial gifts
Novel 40
Church property rights

novel 34