Novels 41-60

Table of Contents

Novel 41
Novel 42
Imperial constitution
Novel 43
Shops in Constantinople
Novel 44
Novel 45
Jews and Samaritans as curials
Novel 46
Immovable church property
Novel 47
Emperors name in public documents
Novel 48
Dying oath regarding property
Novel 49
Defendants on appeal and causeless litigation
Novel 50
Appeals from the provinces
Novel 51
Oath from women on stage
Novel 52
Seizure of property
Novel 53
Summons before foreign tribunal
Novel 54
Unfree serfs;
Sacred houses and immovable property
Novel 55
Exchange of church property
Novel 56
Entrance money of clergymen
Novel 57
Clergymen who desert their church
Novel 58
Holy mysteries not performed in private houses
Novel 59
Permitted expenses in burying the deceased
Novel 60
Creditors and the deceased

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