Novels 61-80

Table of Contents

Novel 61
Registration of gifts
Novel 62
Concerning senators
Novel 63
Novel 64
Concerning gardeners
Novel 65
Property left to church
of Mysia
Novel 66
Effective dates of new constitutions
Novel 67
Donations to build chapels
Novel 68
Constitution of Emperor Leo
Novel 69
Obedience to presidents of provinces
Novel 70
Concerning curials
Novel 71
Litigation and persons of illustrious rank
Novel 72
Guardians and the care of minors
Novel 73
Proving genuineness of court documents
Novel 74
Legitimacy of children
Novel 75
Appeals from Sicily
Novel 76
Consecrating church property
Novel 77
Swearing and blasphemy
Novel 78
Freedom rights
Novel 79
Monks and nuns defending cases
Novel 80
Concerning the inquisitor