Novels 81-100

Table of Contents

Novel 81
Release of sons from paternal power
Novel 82
Choosing judges under oath
Novel 83
Clergy answer to bishops
Novel 84
Concerning half-brothers
Novel 85
Concerning arms
Novel 86
Presidents subject to bishops
Novel 87
Gifts made by curials in contemplation of death
Novel 88
Protests to tenants
Novel 89
Concerning natural children
Novel 90
Concerning witnesses
Novel 91
Dowry and second marriages
Novel 92
Equality of inheritance to offspring
Novel 93
Concerning appeals
Novel 94
Mothers as guardians
Novel 95
Governors to remain fifty days after leaving office
Novel 96
Concerning bailiffs
Novel 97
Equality of dowry
Novel 98
Children's ownership of dowry
Novel 99
Concerning co-obligors
Novel 100
Concerning time of dowry not paid