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Current research activities


         Façade integrated membrane-based enthalpy recovery

         Chiller plant optimization


Previous research experiences


         Model-based automatic fault detection and diagnostic tool for air handler units

        A new common platform UT3 (Universal Translator) to support HVAC automatic fault detection and diagnostic

         Faulty operations and performance degradation on building performance

         A portable suitcase prototype for small building retro-commissioning

         Development of reference performance data for improving California Title 24 compliance systems

         Demonstration of a deep retro-commissioning process for an existing office building

         Evaluation on the impacts of building system operations on energy usage

         Cooling coil model algorithm improvement in EnergyPlus 

         Membrane-based enthalpy recovery for VAV system and chilled beam system in commercial office buildings

         Low/Zero Carbon Building Design in UK

       Developed coupling program between building simulation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for natural ventilation

         Coupled simulations to optimize facade designs and propose façade design guideline for naturally ventilated buildings


Design assistance


          Design evaluation with EnergyPlus for the LOOP project in Santa Barbara, CA

         Thermal evaluation of Clarke Quay, Singapore

         Thermal evaluation of Changi Airport terminal II, Singapore

         Building ventilation design in an aerospace laboratory at Nanyang University

         Hybrid ventilation design for dinning space in St Regis hotel, Singapore 

         Clean Technology II, Singapore