WyoCourses Integrations

Located in Course Settings, the App Center is your gateway to powerful teaching tools that are easily integrated into a Canvas account or Canvas course. These apps are great tools to help students and instructors learn better together.

picture of what an instructure would see if they went to one of their courses in wyocourses and looked at the all apps page in the settings of their course.  miscellanous apps are presented on screen like '3d game lab','acclaim','adobe connect'

App and Integrations WyoCourses Already Supports

  • BigBlueButton

  • Canvas Commons

  • Cengage Learning Mindlinks

  • Chat Tool

  • MacMillian Higher Education

  • MediaSite

  • MyLab and Mastering

  • Scorm

  • REEF POLLING & iClicker

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser

  • Roll Call

  • ZOOM

Integrations Coming to WyoCourses

  • UDOIT and Quiz Extensions
    Licensed by University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

To check out all the integrations Canvas offers click here!

App Navigation in WyoCourses

Some integration in WyoCourses are automatically included in your Course, like EvalutionKIT. Other integrations can be optionally used in courses and can be placed in different places within the course to help accomodate your needs. Not all apps can be placed anywhere but the following sections should give you an idea where on can set up access to an integration in WyoCourses

The apps that WyoCourses already support and that can be put into the navigation menu of your courses can be found in the course settings page in the navigation tab.

picture of the settings page of a course and how the instructor of course can view this page.  the Navigation tab of this page is open

towards the bottom of this page the Apps like iClicker, Respondus Lockdown Browser, EvaluationKIT, etc. can be found and added anywhere in the navigation menu of the course so that students and yourself can see and use them more easily.

optional extra pages are shown.  these optional tabs can be found at the bottom of the settings page in the navigation tab.

In your course go to the modules page and click on the "+" button on the right hand side of the module in which you want to add an external app.

shows the module page on wyocourses as an instructor would see it.  a red frame is around the plus button on the top right hand side of the page.

Click on the dropdown box that says "assignments"

shows the page that shows up when an instructor clicks on the plus button in the module page of a WyoCourses course.  a red box is around a dropdown-menu box that reads 'Assignment'

Click on External Tool

shows the page that shows up when an instructor clicks on the plus button in the module page of a WyoCourses course. The dropdown-menu box is expanded and a red arrow points to the bottom option that is highlighted blue and reads 'external tool'

Click on the external tool/app you would like to add as a module for example Chat Tool

shows the page that shows up when an instructor clicks on the plus button in the module page of a WyoCourses course. the dropdown-menu box now reads 'External Tool' and a red box is around one of the integrations named Chat Tool

When you are finished making the module make sure it is published so your students can view it

shows the module page on wyocourses as an instructor would see it.  Two arrows are pointing to the publish icons on the module that was just created.


image of the word 'INSTRUCTURE'


University Of Wyoming Outcome Assessment LTI



The Outcome Assessment LTI is an app to simplify the collection and assessment of student work samples within Canvas. Within the app, it provides users the ability to collect assessment objects from Canvas and assigns these assignments to a course assessor. All of these course submissions are submitted by “Assessment Users.”

  • On the left hand panel of the admin panel, you will see the LTI listed. Click on “Assessment LTI” to launch the app.


Assessment LTI page of a WyoCourse with a red box around the tab for Assessment LTI and text reading 'Click Here' with an arrow pointing to the box
  • Once you have clicked, you will be directed to the application and see the shown screen below. The first tab is the “Tags” tab. This page gives you the ability add new tags that are made available for teachers to use, mark tags as active or inactive, and delete tags IF they have not been associated to any assignments.

Creating a New Tag : Click on “+ Add New Tag” button. A pop up will appear. Start typing to create a new tag. Press enter. When you are nished, click “Add New Tag”. You will see the newly created tag in your list of all tags.

Column Headers :

■ Tag Name: name of the tag

■ Date Created: the creation date of the tag

■ Created By: the person that created the tag initially

■ Active Tag?: Is this tag currently accessible for teachers to tag assignments? This will show as “Active/Inactive”

■ Delete: You will see an “x” next to the tag IF it has NOT been associated to an assignment and has the capability to be deleted.

Assessment LTI tab in WyoCourses showing what an instructor would see in the 'Tags' section.  '+ Add new Tag' button is on the top of the page under the 'Tags' tab.


To create an assessment batch, navigate to the tabs at the top and click on “Create

Assessments”. You will see the screen below:

In the Assessment LTI tab of WyoCourses showing the 'Create Assessments' tab with text fields to input the 'TERM' and 'TAG' data with an export and next button on bottom left.
  • Term(s) : Begin typing a term(s) that you would like to include in the criteria and press enter. You can add multiple terms if needed.
  • Tag(s) : begin typing a tag(s) that you would like to include in the criteria.


You will see on the right side of your screen, total ‘Tagged Assignments’ and total ‘Courses’ with that criteria. As you see above, Fall 2015 with significant Project tag has 11 tagged assignments from 5 courses. When you are satis ed with the results, you can export the tagged assignments by clicking on ‘Export’ or click next to continue with the creation of the batch process.

showing 'Create Assessments' tab of 'Assessment LTI' tab.  text fields for 'Assessor Name' 'How many assignments would you like to include per assessor' 'percentage of submissions to include per assessor' and 'outcome assessment name' are showing. 'go' button in bottom right of page

At the top of the screen, you will see the Tagged Assignments and Courses that you previously selected. On this page, you will begin adding assessors and criteria to the batch.


  • Assessor Name: Begin typing in the input box to lter users. Once you nd the user you would like to add, click enter. They will be added to the table below that area.
  • How many assignments…: Enter here the amount of assignments you would like to include. You will be maxed out at the number of tagged assignments.
  • Please indicate the percentage…: You will enter in the total percentage of assignments that you will include per assessor. Max 100% will include ALL submissions
  • Please give your outcome…: You can type in the name that you would like to call this batch set.

Once these steps are complete, the ‘Go’ button will be enabled and you can click it to create the batch creation process. You will be redirected to the ‘Activity’ Tab to see the current status of the batch. Click refresh to view the current state of the batch.

'Activity' tab of Assessment LTI showing that the status of three assessments are completed.

Once the batch has completed, you can navigate to the sub account named “UW Assessments.”

You will see all the names of the course shells that were created. E.g; If I named the course shell “Steven Tyler’s Shell Course” you will see a course shell within that sub account. You can also navigate to these courses by ltering all courses by the “Assessment Term.”


a filtered list of sub-accounts in WyoCourses that are in the 'Assessment Term'



Here is an example of the course shells that have been created in the sub account:


a list of course names that have been created in this particular sub-account


If an assessor has been been given multiple batches, they will be grouped into Assignment groups. (Seen below)

2 lists of courses that have been assigned to one assessor.

All standard grading and processes will be completed in Canvas and the LTI stage is complete.

Associating Tags to Assignments

Teachers have the ability to view all of their assignments in their course. To access the LTI, you will click on the “Outcome Assessment LTI” on the left hand navigation panel of a course. Once clicked, you will see the following screen with all of your assignments split up between published and unpublished sections.

2 lists.  One list on published assignments and on for unpublished assignments in the shell Outcome Assessment-Teacher.


When you would like to add a tag to an assignment, click on the pencil icon under the edit column. At this point you will see a pop up appear and will look like this:


Text output assignment that shows a field for inputting tags


The assignment name will display at the top, and you can begin typing to search all the available tags. Once you nd the tag you want, press enter. It will show below the input box giving you the ability to add multiple tags to one assignment.

If you ever come across a problem with the application, you can input a support ticket via Canvas in the lower left of your screen. To expedite the support ticket process, please state you are using the Outcome Assessment LTI built by professional services. This will help speed up the process and get you the support needed.


EvaluationKIT logo

Login to EvaluationKIT


How is EvaluationKIT Helpful for Department Administrators of Course Evaluations

  • Eliminates the need for Paper.

  • It makes it easy to organize and analyze the data in reports.

  • It automates the process of communicating to instructors and students when evaluations for specific courses will be given.

  • Administrators in EvaluationKIT can find documentation on EvaluationKIT in this WyoGroup "EvaluationKIT Support Group".



How Is EvaluationKIT Helpful for Instructors

  • It allows you to see the response rate of the class and classes.

  • you can view the responses to evaluations online.

  • If allowed by your administrator you can make custom questions for the evaluation.



How Is EvaluationKIT Helpful for Students

  • It provides anonymity to help you feel comfortable providing constructive feedback to those giving you a grade.

  • Instructors will not see responses until after final grades are reported so you can rest assured your grade will not be affected by the feedback you provide.

  • It provides a way to constructively build up the quality of the university and future courses you and your fellow students will engage in.

REEF Polling by iClicker.

REEF Polling by iClicker.

Video Discription

REEF Polling is a new, mobile student response solution built by the company behind North America’s leading student response system, iclicker. Setup in under 2 minutes. Use presentation tools you already use. Access data anywhere, anytime.

REEF Polling and i>clicker Now Available in WyoCourses!

General Support for REEF Polling.

Click here for instructions to connect i>clicker with your WyoCourses class.

Right-click this link and select "Save link as..." to download the LMS_Wizard.xml.

General Support for i>clicker.


Launchpad Overview

Video Discription

Watch this video to learn more about LaunchPad.

Linking a LaunchPad Course and a Canvas Course

Video Discription

A video showing how to set up the macmillan higher education app on your canvas course.

To learn how to Request the Macmillan App Key and Shared Secret for Canvas watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgZ-qX5cm3Y&feature=youtu.be

Macmillan helps instuctors engage students more through innovative technology. This integration has many different suites and projects in multiple different subjects from Astronomy to Statistics. You can learn more about Macmillan products by going to macmillanlearning's website

Learn more about Launchpad and deep integration at the macmillan community website.

Macmillan Learning Launchpad Instructor Knowledgebase

Macmillan Learning Launchpad Student Knowledgebase

Pearson MyLab & Mastering

Truth in Numbers: MyLab & Mastering

Video Discription

In December 2012 we surveyed thousands of U.S. university students about their experiences with MyLab & Mastering by Pearson. Here's what they had to say.

MyLab & Mastering a unique experience to do course work online! It is adaptive to each student to help them learn. It features quizzes, practice tests, pre-post-tests, and study plans to learn more about using MyLab & Mastering go to https://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com/northamerica/

To view all of the MyLab and Mastering products go to this Pearson webpage

To get access to the Pearson MyLab and Mastering community and for other support go to Pearson|MyLab|Mastering

Poll Everywhere

Introducing Poll Everywhere

Video Description

Poll Everywhere lets your audience interact with a live presentation using their mobile phones. Ask them questions, or have them ask you.

Poll Everywhere is now available to faculty members to use in their courses to better engage students. A variety of polls are available including: multiple-choice, open-ended, Q&A, ranking, and clickable image polls.

Check out this user guide https://www.polleverywhere.com/guide

Check out these video guides https://www.polleverywhere.com/videos

If you need a license follow the instructions below:

Poll Everywhere can now be integrated with WyoCourses so you can grade your class on participation. To integrate Poll Everywhere with your Courses follow the directions on this Poll Everywhere Integration Guide for Canvas

University Of Wyoming YouTube Channel

Take a Ride on UWyo Roundup's Buses

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Ever wonder on how to get to campus from across Laramie? Hop aboard a UWyo Roundup bus for free! UW's campus transit system provides transportation for students across campus and even across Laramie.

Go For Gold || University of Wyoming

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The University of Wyoming's Fall 2015 Commercial Campaign.

UWOCP Youtube Channel

SOWK 3540 Social System Theory

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Theory lecture

UWoutreach Youtube Channel

UW Outreach Over The Years

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Here is a short slideshow featuring some historic photos of the University of Wyoming's outreach efforts and academic program delivery methods from the early 20th century to today!

Dr. Maggi Murdock - Welcome to the UW Outreach School - Virtual Orientation

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Dr. Maggi Murdock welcomes you to the University of Wyoming Outreach School.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Video Discription

Zoom Product Overview Video -- Zoom is revolutionizing the ways teams collaborate. Whether you're connecting multiple conference rooms or adding remote attendees. Meeting face-to-face is as simple as a single touch.

Zoom is coming to WyoCourses!

If you would like use Zoom you can request a license here