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I am the H. A. "Dave" True, Jr. Chair in Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics in the Department of Economics at the University of Wyoming, and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs in the College of Business at the University of Wyoming.  I have a long-standing interest in Resource Economics.  Some of the topics I have conducted research on include issues regarding exploration for and extraction of non-renewable resources, particularly oil and gas, and issues regarding common-property resources, particularly those that are renewable. I have also conducted a number of analyses that apply experimental economics techniques to theoretical issues in Industrial Organization.

Recent graduate courses I have taught include game theory and the economics of uncertainty, dynamic optimization and industrial organization.  Every year I teach an undergraduate course in Oil and Gas Economics; other undergraduate classes I have taught include industrial organization, environmental economics, and intermediate microeconomics.

I was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management from 2006 to 2011, and a Co-Editor for the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists from 2014 to 2016.  I am currently a Co-Editor for Economic Inquiry, an Associate Editor of the European Economic Review, joint editor-in-chief of Strategic Behavior and the Environment.

From January to June of 1998 I was in New Zealand, at the University of Waikato; I also spent five weeks at the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (which apparently has since been folded into the Fenner School of Environment and Society, at the Australia National University.  You can learn more about my adventures down under here.  In the Fall of 2003, I was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University, in Clare Hall; I am now a life member of Clare Hall.  I spent the Spring of 2004 at the University of California in Davis, where I taught in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

During the Fall of 2008 I spent two months at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford, as a Visiting Research Fellow.  I enjoyed the experience so much I went back during the summers of 2009 through 2011.  During Fall 2012 I was a Visiting Scholar at the Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies, part of the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford), where I am External Research Associate.  I was a visiting scholar as part of the E3 program (Environmental and Energy Economics), as part of the University of California (Santa Barbara), in January and February of 2013; from March to May of 2013 I was a visiting scholar at the prestigious Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in Venice; and I spent June at the Toulouse School of Economics.  In December 2013 I was a visiting researcher at the CESifo group in Munich Germany.  During 2014 and 2015 I was a Visiting Professor at the Grantham Institute (part of the London School of Economics) and with the Environmental Economics group at the University of Southern Denmark.  In June 2016 I was a visiting scholar in the Department of Economics at the University of Bath. I am also a Visiting Fellow with Resources for the Future

From May 2014 to January 2015 I was involved in the U.S. Department of Justice's case related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which culminated in my testimony.

You can contact me by e-mail at BAMBUZLR at uwyo dot edu, by phone at (307) 766-5336, or by snail mail at

Department of Economics & Finance
University of Wyoming
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Laramie, WY 82071-3985

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