Chuck Mason's Research Page


My current research activity is largely focused on environmental and resource economics, particularly at the intersection with industrial organization.  Much of my work involves dynamic applications, including repeated and dynamic games and differential games.



Recent publications include:


“The Switch to Sustainable Energy: An Endogenous Growth Approach” (with Remi Morin-Chasse) Challenges in Sustainability, forthcoming.


“Uranium and Nuclear Power: The Role of Exploration in Framing Public Policy,” Resource

and Energy Economics forthcoming.


“Natural Gas Expansion and the Cost Of Congestion” (with Matthew Oliver and David Finnoff ), Energy Forum 2014, pp. 31-32.


“The Economics of CO2 Sequestration Through Enhanced Oil Recovery” (with Klaas van ‘t Veld and Andrew Leach), Energy Procedia 2013,

v. 37, 6909-6919.


“The Economics of Eco-Labeling,” International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics 2013, v. 6, 341-372.

Contracting for Impure Public Goods: Carbon Offsets and Additionality” (with Andrew Plantinga), Journal of Environmental Economics and 
Management 2013, v. 66 1-14.


“Jump Processes in the Market for Crude Oil” (with Neil Wilmot), The Energy Journal, 2013 v. 34.


“Global Petroleum Markets: Pat, Present and Future,” Encyclopedia of Globalization, Basil Blackwell publishers, 2013.


“Banking on Extinction: Endangered Species and Speculation” (with Erwin Bulte and Richard D. Horan), Oxford Review of Economics and Policy, 2012, v. 288 180-192.


“On Equilibrium in Resource Markets with Scale Economies and Stochastic Prices,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2012, v. 34, 288-300.


“Enhanced Oil Recovery: Going Beyond Conventional Extraction” (with Benjamin R. Cook), IAEE Energy Forum, Fall 2012, 21-23.


“Economic Co-optimization of Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Sequestration” (with Andrew Leach and Klaas van ’t Veld),  Resource and Energy Economics, 2011, v. 33, 893-912.


“Eco-Labeling and Market Equilibria with Noisy Certification Tests,” Environmental and Resource Economics, 2011, v. 48, 537-560.


“On Stockpiling Natural Resources,” Resource and Energy Economics, 2011 v. 33, 398-409.


“Are CEOs Expected Utility Maximizers?” (with John List), Journal of Econometrics 2011 v. 162, 114-123.

This server has abstracts of some of my recent working papers, some of which have Adobe pdf versions available to download, and a recent version of my vita.