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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ross Hall Rm. #224

Dept. 3036, 1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071-3036

Phone: 307-766-4221

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Statistics Program Information

Phone: 307-766-4229


Math Placement Testing



What is the Math Placement Exam (MPE)?

The Math Placement Exam, simply put, is a tool to satisfy the prerequisite requirement of a math course for which you are otherwise not eligible to take due to prerequisite requirements. It is a way to demonstrate proficiency of that material, enabling you to move on to a higher level math course.

You may use this test to place into math courses that either your ACT, SAT, or AP scores do not support, to demonstrate proficiency in a course that you did not receive a "C" or better in, or to demonstrate proficiency in a subject that a transfer credit from another college was not accepted here at UW. Courses that you may use the MPE to test out of include the following: Math 900, Math 0921, Math 0925, Math 1000, Math 1400, Math 1405, or Math 1450 (unless otherwise stated in degree requirements).

If you are transferring math course(s) from another college, and they are accepted for transfer credit here at UW, and this course meets the prerequisite of a course you wish to take, then you would not need to take the placement test and can safely disregard the Math Placement Test  item on your incoming student check list. (The check list is created, often times, before your transfer transcripts have been received and loaded.) 

More information on the Math Placement Exam:

The MPE is an assessment tool to determine a student’s math skill level and is an important tool to help guide you and your advisor to the appropriate math course for your skill level.  

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will be required to take the MPE unless you qualify for one of the following exemptions: 

  • The student took a college level math course, while in high school, via a dual or concurrent enrollment program and the course will be accepted for transfer credit by the University of Wyoming and the student received a grade of “C” or better; or
  • The student took a college level math course and the course will be accepted for transfer credit by the University of Wyoming and the student received a grade of “C” or better; or
  • The student has taken AP Calculus and has taken one of either the AB or BC exam and received a score of 3 or higher; or
  • The student took International Baccalaureate (IB) and received a score of 4 or higher on the examination.
  • The student took either an ACT, SAT exam within the last 3 years and scored the required minimum score, see table below. 

If one of these exemptions applies to you, then you may safely disregard the incoming student "Check List" item.

How do I know what math course I should take?

Each UW graduate will be required to take a minimum of one college level math course before graduating. You should discuss which course will meet your degree requirements with your academic advisor. 

What is a prerequisite?

Prerequisite is a term for "You have to take this, before you can take that". Prerequisites are common in math course work and help to identify the path necessary to get from point A to point Z.

Course prerequisites are identified in the course description and are part of the course catalog description. We have also created an easy to follow reference card, below, for most of the common math courses for incoming students. 

Prerequisite and MPE Cut Score reference chart:  

Course Number Course Title MPE Cut Score MPE Level ACT Math SAT
900 Pre-Algebra 0-15 0 <21 ≥ 500
921 Algebra 1 (PREQ Math 0900) 16-29 1 21 ≥ 500
925 Algebra 2 (PREQ Math 0921) 30-45 2 21 ≥ 530
1000 Problem Solving (PREQ Math 0921) 30-45 2 21 ≥ 530
1100 Number and Operations for Elementary School Teachers (PREQ Math 0921) 30-45 2 21 ≥ 530
1123 Math, Music and Acoustics (PREQ Math 0921 AND MUSC 1030) 30-45 2 21 ≥ 530
1400 College Algebra (PREQ Math 0925) 46-60 3 23 ≥ 560
1405 Trigonometry (PREQ Math 1400) 61-80 4 25 ≥ 600
1450 Algebra and   Trigonometry (PREQ Math 0925) 46-80 3 23 ≥ 560
2200 Calculus I (PREQ Math 1405 or Math 1450) 81-100 5 27 ≥ 640
2350 Business Calculus (PREQ Math 1400 or Math 1450) 61-75 4 26 ≥ 620
2355 Math Applications for Business (PREQ Math 1400 or Math 1450) 61-75 4 26 ≥ 630
"Q" USP requirement satisfied without taking a math/stats class 4 ≥26 ≥ 620


You should take this seriously, your academic future could rest on your MPE score.
You should study, and refresh your math skills before taking this assessment.
Study Guides and other resources to help you prepare for the the placement exam:

The Cost?

The ALEKS PPL test pack costs $15 via credit/debit card and includes 1 assessment, online tutoring, and up to 4 retake opportunities.

Your ALEKS Math placement score is good for 1 calendar year.


Please read the information and instructions carefully:


The following rules apply to the Math Placement Exam:

  • This is a web based application accessible from any web enabled device, 24/7.
  • Calculators are not permitted.
  • Inital assessment should be taken before you attend your scheduled orientation session.
  • Exam must be completed before registering for any math course unless one of the qualified exemptions, mentioned above, applies to you.
  • The exam should take between 60-90 minutes to complete; and you will have up to 24 hours to complete the exam once you begin it, so take your time; take a break if needed.  
  • You do not have to use any of the re-take/guided learning opportunities if you are satisfied with your initial score.
  • We accept the highest score of any attempt or retake.

After the assessment is complete: 

  • You will receive your score as soon as you are done with the assessment.
  • Your score will be automatically sent to UW and will be loaded to your WyoWeb/Student Records/Test Scores Tab.  (This can take up to 3 business days to load, please be patient)
  • Once the score has been loaded you may register for the appropriate course on WyoWeb, in the normal way.

Once your score is loaded you can see it for yourself via Wyoweb:

  • Click on Students, and after login go to Student Records, and then Academic Profle.
  • On the Academic profile page you will see a tab that says "Prior Education and Testing".

The MPE scores are loaded there.

If you are happy with your score you do not need to do anything more.


Guided Learning  and re-take opportunities:

If you are not happy with your initial assessment score you may use the guided learning opportunity included with your assessment pack purchase. To access the guided learning and re-take option you simply need to log back into the ALEKS account you created when you took your first assessment.

Based on your assessment score, you may select one of the tutoring modules recommended, see chart below. Once you have completed the required in product tutoring you may use one of your re-takes.

  • You must wait a minimum of 48-hours between the initial assessment and each re-take, AND
  • You must complete the minimum number of hours of guided learning required by each re-take.
  • We accept the highest score of any assessment test, it can't hurt you to try.


… to get into

Prep for Beginning Algebra

Math 0921

Prep for Intermediate Algebra

Math 0925, 1000, 1100, 1123

Prep for College Algebra

Math 1400, 1450

Prep for Pre-Calculus

Math 1405, 2350, 2355; Stat 2050, 2070

Prep for Calculus

Math 2200




Need your score sent to a different school?
Need to send your ALEKS score to UW?

Students or their parents can send those results securely without having to go through the trouble of calling the school and requesting the results.


Click Here to read how!




OKAY, Let's Get Started!

FIRST STEP: CLICK THE "Lets Get started" button below: 

When setting up your new UW ALEKS account please select: 

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Contact Us

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ross Hall Rm. #224

Dept. 3036, 1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071-3036

Phone: 307-766-4221

Fax: 307-766-6838



Statistics Program Information

Phone: 307-766-4229


1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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