Jazz Improvisation in the Elementary Classroom: A Blues Approach

Kathleen McKeage   Senior Lecturer/Music
Double Bass, Elementary Music Methods for Majors

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Here are the recorded tracks to accompany the blues unit.  If you are unable to open these files, let me know and I will email attachments or send off a CD. 

link to the unit handout

links to my music

Track 1  Phazer One Blues

Track 2 Rhythmic Improvisation

Track 3 Vocal Improvisation

Track 4 Orff Instrument Improvisation

Track 5 Blank Blues (eleven choruses of blues changes with no melody)

Track 6 Prowlin' Cat Blues  (head 2 times)


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UW Faculty Jazz Combo: Scott Turpen,(sax), Chris Nicholas, Trombone,
Steve Barnhart (drums), Kate McKeage (Bass). Guest Artist Peter Queal (guitar)