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Energy Systems Engineering

ESE Student Perspectives


I have found the interdisciplinary curriculum of the program to be incredibly valuable for my personal growth as a student, narrowing the focus of my career path, preparing me for success as a graduate student and providing me with a unique knowledge background and skillset that has afforded me many life-changing opportunities. Addressing growing energy demands without sacrificing environmental quality is a problem that spans many disciplines, including the technical, social, economic and political. The ESE degree prepares students to be versed in all these fields as they relate to energy projects and those skills are necessary and vital for the success of energy solutions.

I can also say, with certainty, that the reason I was selected as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow was because of the education I received as an energy systems engineering student. The understanding of the broader impacts of energy projects and the inter-related nature of the many different facets of the industry and incorporating addressing them together in my research were a key part of the success of my application. Additionally, the internship that I had in Washington D.C. with the WISE program was also due to my energy systems background, in part because of the interest in energy policy that the program instilled in me as well as my ability to talk intelligently about technical policy issues as a result of the courses taken within the program.”

— Emily Beagle, 2012 ESE and ME graduate


After enrolling at UW and learning more about the program, I realized that it was extremely beneficial because it addressed all forms of power generation, not just from renewables. Furthermore, because the ESE program is part of the ME department, as students start taking more upper-level classes, there are several topic directions students can choose to go, based on what interests them. I would argue that this is one of the ESE program's strongest advantages. In this manner, UW can produce well-prepared, diversified ESE graduates that can be employed in various career fields.”

— Alexandra Howell, 2017 ESE Graduate


We [at Sustainably Built] are raising the bar with energy efficiency, conservation and sustainable design in new and existing homes and it has truly been a rewarding experience in which I have been thriving. The education I received at UW gave me a huge advantage above others and gave me the experience I needed to get to where I am today.

With that said, the recent election has thrown the industry a curveball that leaves a lot of unknowns as to the direction we are heading. I am looking at this as a great opportunity to prove the renewable/sustainable design industries are viable options as we move forward.”

— Chris Cronick, 2012 ESE graduate and founder of UW’s Energy Systems Club, currently employed by Sustainably Built


Over the span of my career as an ESE undergraduate, I have taken basic engineering classes that taught me how to determine the stress and strain on a beam, I have learned how to analyze the heat transfer in various setups, I have discovered the benefits of applying Bernoulli's equation; I have written several National Environmental Policy Act documents, I have participated in the comment period of a Federal Government action; I have learned about the enrichment process for nuclear engineering, I have disassembled and reassembled a small internal combustion engine; I have analyzed numerous environmental legislation, I have tested MatLab code, and I have applied the concept of sustainability to an engineering design. I highly doubt that there is a major anywhere else in the University of Wyoming, or even in the United States, that provides such as vast array of knowledge for the price of a single major. With this background, I can easily transfer to a job focusing on environmental politics, mechanical engineering, or environmental law. Overall, this major has been amazing.

— Taylor Wollert, 2016 ESE Graduate, currently employed with Bright Agrotech

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