Univeristy of Wyoming

Robert A. Jenkins Microscopy Facility

User fees

TEM $35.00/hour
SEM $20.00/hour
Confocal (Zeiss) $38.00/hour
Epi-Florescence (Zeiss) $10.00/hour
Raman Microscope $15.00/hour
Microplate reader (TECAN) $10.00 1st run, $8.00 after
Stereo dissecting microscope $8.00/hour
Ultramicrotomy $15.00/half day, $20.00/day
Sputter coating or CPD $15.00/run
Technical assistance* $25.00/hour
*The $25/hour charge will apply when facility staff operates the microscope for user(s).
Material/supplies at cost


The user fee applies to researchers at the University of Wyoming only. Outsider users should contact Dr. Zhaojie Zhang for pricing