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Robert A. Jenkins Microscopy Facility

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User fees

TEM $35.00/hour
SEM $20.00/hour
Confocal (Zeiss) $38.00/hour
Epi-Florescence (Nikon) $15.00/hour
Epi-Florescence (Olympus) $10.00/hour
Flow Cytometer (Guava) $10.00 1st run, $8.00 after
Microplate reader (TECAN) $10.00 1st run, $8.00 after
Stereo dissecting microscope $8.00/hour
Ultramicrotomy $15.00/half day, $20.00/day
Sputter coating or CPD $15.00/run
Technical assistance* $25.00/hour
*The $25/hour charge will apply when facility staff operates the microscope for user(s).
Material/supplies at cost
Monthly Charge
In addition to the hourly charge, a  monthly fee of $10.00 per PI will be charged, approved by UW research office. No monthly fee will be charge if only supplies are used.


The user fee applies to researchers at the University of Wyoming only. Outsider users should contact Dr. Zhaojie Zhang for pricing


Robert A. Jenkins Microscopy Facility

Room 29, Biological Sciences Building

(Basement, near UW Library Annex)

PHONE: 307-766-3038