(without alignment)


1. Fill the anticontamination traps with liquid nitrogen


2. Turn the microscope on




Check the right up panel to see if the microscope is ready. When the microscope is ready all VACUUM INDICATOR LIGHTS on the right hand desk panel are green, except for SPEC which should be orange. (See below)

CLOSE     orange  
EVAC green green   green
(2). Turn the POWER SWITCH KEY in right lower panel to COL ON.


Press READY/OFF button on left main panel once to light.


Select and press desired ACCEL VOLTAGE button.


Press READY/OFF button again to light.



Turn FILAMENT control knob on left main panel gradually and saturate filament. Check current on HV/BEAM meter. Adjust the current to about 25 ľA with BIAS knob, if necessary.





Turn BRIGHTNESS control knob on left main panel counterclockwise to focus a spot on screen. Center spot by manipulating BRIGHTNESS CENTERING knobs on right main panel. Disperse beam again.

Avoid prolonged exposure of screen to cross-over beam.


2. Specimen observation

Specimen Exchange


Specimen Loading
  (1). Load the grid onto the grid holder



Match the specimen holder with cylinder groove in the specimen stage of the microscope column and  insert it until stops.

Definitely Avoid turning the holder. otherwise air might be admitted into the column.



Turn the specimen chamber evacuation switch to EVAC. The specimen chamber evacuation lamp

lights up (in yellow).


After the yellow lamp is lit, wait  until it goes off. Then the SPEC EVAC green lamp of VACUUM 

STATE lights up to indicate completion of preevacuation of the specimen holder. While the   SPECIMEN EVAV green lamp is lit for 15 seconds, the specimen holder must be inserted.



Holding the grip of the specimen holder, turn it clockwise until stops and push it in the axial direction  until it stops. Further turn it clockwise and insert it until it stops.




Specimen unloading

  (1). Turn the filament current off.

(2). Pull the specimen holder until stops and turn it counterclockwise also until stops. Further pull and turn the holder in the same way as above.


(3). Turn the specimen chamber evacuation switch to AIR. After a few seconds, the SPEC AIR red lamp of the VACUUM STATE is lit to indicate completion of airleak.


(4). Pull out the specimen holder straight out.

       Pay attention absolutely NOT turn the holder .


(5). Remove the specimen from the holder.



3. Photographing with the Gatan digital camera

(1). Spread the beam to cover the smaller fluorescent screen.


(2). Depress the TV button (on TV monitor) to deactivate the film camera.

  (3). Put the cover on
  (4). Lift the lever on the right panel.

(5). Go to computer using the GatanMicgraph software.