Eric Moorhouse's Posters. One of my hobbies is graphic design. Here are a few of the posters, flyers, etc. I have recently designed either for, or in spite of, my department.

cartoon control Fanque Hunt

Cartoon Competition

Herschel Rabitz

Pablo Fanque

Fern Hunt

infotheory Koblitz groups Milehigh

Information Theory

Neal Koblitz

Group Theory

Mile High

change May Tutorial Fleming

Math of Change

Dan May MS

Tutorial Day

Patrick Fleming

textbook welcome welcome welcome

Algebra Textbook

Welcome Sign

RMMC 2006 T-Shirt

Incidence Geometry

Differential Geometry

Michael Sollami

Designs, Codes & Geometries

Dan May PhD

Set Theory and Logic Course WilsonFest Conference Poster WilsonFest Program Cover RMDMD Program Cover
Foundations of Mathematics WilsonFest Poster WilsonFest Program RMDMD Program
Jared Skinner's MS Defense
Jared Skinner Steve Kumer Lucas Burge George Shakan
Stan \
Stan Payne AEGT


Ah yes, the good old days... when all lettering was done either
by hand or using Letraset. You can clearly see which is which in these signs
I made while Peter Ness and I ran the undergraduate student Math Union
at the University of Toronto.

Paper Airplane Contest Rosenthal's Talk on Matrices Evariste Galois Problem Session
  Rosenthal's Talk on Hilbert Space Geometric Probability