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Ovoids and Lattices

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p-Ranks of Varieties

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Algebraic Graph Theory

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Nets and Quasigroups

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    For most purposes, this should replace the previously available manuscript Ranks of Nets and of Webs, very preliminary draft, 2005.

Generalized Hadamard Matrices

  1. The 2-Transitive Complex Hadamard Matrices, preprint, 32 pages.
  2. Uniqueness of sets of mutually unbiased bases of order 5, with Daniel P. May, 2009.

Projective Planes

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  4. Projective planes of order 25. All known planes of order 25 are listed, along with pertinent information including automorphism groups
  5. Projective planes of order 27. All known planes of order 27 are listed, along with pertinent information including automorphism groups
  6. Projective planes of order 49. All known planes of order 49 are listed, along with pertinent information including automorphism groups
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    View 5-minute summary Summary of Orbits paper

Other Generalised Polygons

  1. Generalised polygons of small order, technical report, August 2003. (Under Construction)


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