G. Eric Moorhouse,   University of Wyoming

Ross Hall 216       Phone   (307) 766-4394

SPRING 2014 SCHEDULE   (Subject to Change)






   8 am
Calculus II Gerow Calculus II Calculus II Calculus II
   9 am
Algebra II Gerow Algebra II Gerow Algebra II
 10 am
Office Hour Office Hour Johnson Gerow research
 11 am
  Williford Johnson   research
 12 noon
Theory of Numbers  Williford Theory of Numbers Hitchcock Theory of Numbers
   1:10 pm
      Hitchcock CSU* /research
   2:10 pm
    Office Hour Office Hour CSU* /research
   3:10 pm
Shakan ACNT Seminar     CSU* /research
   4:10 pm
Instructors' Meeting Burge Colloquium / Meeting Colloquium / Meeting CSU* /research
*Alternate weeks only

/ revised January, 2014