Links to Our Collaborators

We are very pround to have collaborated with these labs. Through collaborations, we have mutually benefited from each other. This is going to be the model system for Sun lab for the future.


Yuchio Yanagawa' lab
Our labs studied experience-dependent plasticity of neocortical inhibitory circuits.

Publication:Major Effects of Sensory Experiences on the Neocortical Inhibitory Circuits. Yuanyuan Jiao,1,2 Chunzhao Zhang,1 Yuchio Yanagawa,3 and Qian-Quan Sun1,2 (2006).The Journal of Neuroscience, August 23, 2006 • 26(34):8691– 8701 • 8691. Download the article.

Gábor Szabó's lab
The collaboration focus on roles of novel inhibitory interneurons in the olfactory cortex and other brainregions .

Publications: A Novel Interneuronal Network in the Posterior Piriform Cortex of Mouse. Chunzhao Zhang1, Gábor Szabó3, Ferenc Erdélyi3, James D. Rose1,2, Qian-Quan Sun1,2, * (2006) Journal of Comparative Neurology.

Download the article.

NIH-Dr. Bai Lu' lab
We are collaborating with Dr Lu's lab in the mechanisms underlying experience-dependent plasticity.


UBC-HHMI-Dr. Yu-Tian Wang's lab
We are collaborating to study the molecular mechanisms underlying long-term plasticity in neocortical synaspes.
UW-Jim Rose's lab
We studied novel role of inhibitory neurons in the olfactory cortex. We have also collaborated on making recordings from brain stem neurons in vivo.

UW-Donal Skinner's lab

We are collaborating on the role of GNRH in regulating rythmic activities.