Poem by Joel Hess
Cross Country Team Member
Memorial Garden Dedication
Sept. 13, 2002

Father Time,
I call you liar,
For you claim it has been but one year.
Do you not perceive as I
That it has been so many more?
Were the hands of time
Bound by grief
And besieged by sorrow-
For they moved ever so slow.

But as we gather here
In annual embrace
I discover memories that seem
Only yesterday.
In bounty,
We hear of stories retold
Of the lives of our brothers eight,
And upon walls of mending hearts
Their footsteps now resonate.

Amidst echoes of adulation
And cries we pour forth
I see tears become nothing,
For we realize, it is their lives
We must celebrate.

In the wake of their departure,
How is it that you marked your days?
Was it with the falling of a sun
Or the rising of one anew.
Whichever you chose,
Let us pray we mark no other
With the falling of one we deem our brother.

Before us with monument erect,
I see mounted on stone
And etched in hearts
The names of those so brave.
And in the year that has passed,
It was their emblem we wore with pride-
Mercury's foot
Hollowed by an eight-
For it was their message that inspired,
An urging that set us free,
Yes, a challenge to all:
"Please, come run with me."

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