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Multicultural Affairs

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Mission: The mission of Multicultural Affairs (MA) is to provide support services and information to retain and graduate ethnic minority students at UW. Within the Dean of Students Office, the unit assists UW to improve student access, retention, and graduation; promote student learning, development, and engagement; and to improve the campus climate and environment for diversity. Multicultural Affairs also supports the Division of Student Affairs eight student learning outcomes with emphasis on outcomes related to gaining greater self-understanding, learning to appreciate individual similarities and differences, and enhancing feelings of engagement, belonging and loyalty. MA offers exciting, helpful support programs and services for students while they are at UW working on their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

MA provides leadership and advocacy to support cultural diversity at UW and to prepare students to interact in a diverse world. MA also supports the Multicultural Resource Center in the Wyoming Union which serves as a gathering place for campus community members to do homework, attend events or just visit. With more than an 8 percent ethnic minority student population (domestic, U.S. citizens) at UW, the MA staff, strive to meet the academic, cultural and social needs of multicultural students and all students at the University of Wyoming. Most of all, the staff of MA strive to provide personalized attention to help students face the challenges of successfully completing college at UW. They also strive to build a sense of community through programming.

Academic, Cultural, and Social Support: MA houses retention support staff comprised of a manager and two project coordinators. Our academic, cultural, and social support programs are designed to serve those who self identify as: Multiracial Biracial, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latina/Latino/Mexican/Mexican American/Chicana/Chicano. Our staff meets individually with new freshmen and transfer students and also holds program events throughout the year for new and continuing students through our Discover Excellence Series, Continuing Excellence Series and monthly town hall meetings. Through these MA programs, you can find information about financial aid and scholarships, academic tips and tricks as well as the variety of support available on the UW campus. An annual publication, Financial Aid and Opportunities for Multicultural Students, is also available online. MA refers students to internships, employment and graduate school opportunities. Free private tutoring and personal support and guidance are also available. At the beginning of each semester, a multicultural student welcome barbeque, orientation and other social events are held to familiarize students with services and to help them meet other multicultural students. MA sends students information through our e-mail newsletter, Multicultural News and email.

Scholarship Opportunities: A lack of financial resources can be a major barrier to post-secondary education for ethnic minority and first generation college bound students.Obtaining assistance requires careful planning, preparation and perseverance. The following scholarships are available to qualified students: Hearst Scholars Award Scholarship, Multicultural Pride Scholarship, UW Minority, Winifred Snyder Yaap Memorial Scholarship for Native Americans, and the Multicultural Affairs Graduate Program.  Click here for more information and application materials.

For information contact Multicultural Affairs (307) 766-6193 Located in Knight Hall, Rooms 114,115, 117 and room 103 in the Wyoming Union (Multicultural Resource Center) Email:  or on the Web: