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Criminal Justice

About the Program

The University of Wyoming’s criminal justice bachelor of arts degree is interdisciplinary and draws on courses in many fields. Students majoring in criminal justice enjoy considerable flexibility in pursuing courses of study—choosing those that reflect their individual interests and career aspirations.

Students considering attending law school can work toward a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice with a prelaw emphasis.

In addition to classroom experiences, the criminal justice program offers an internship elective with placements available in a variety of Wyoming criminal justice agencies.

Students interested in various fields benefit from a criminal justice degree. Some of those fields include federal, state, and local law enforcement; correctional officer positions; court administration; probation and parole careers; private security jobs; military careers; and law school or graduate school among others.

For a degree in criminal justice, students must fulfill lower division requirements at a community college or university, satisfy required prerequisites to courses in the major program, and complete a minimum of 33 credit hours in the major. Each student must complete nine hours of foundation classes, 18 hours of required core courses, and six hours of electives in the major. Only courses in which grades of C or better have been earned may be used to satisfy major requirements.

Delivery Methods

Audio conferencing, video conferencing, and Web-based courses

Tuition and Fees:

Undergraduate tuition per credit hour + fees, textbooks, and packets

General Program Information

(800) 448-7801


Outreach Undergraduate Adviser

Dianne Davis, M.A.
125 College Drive
University of Wyoming/Casper College Center
Casper, WY 82601
(800) 448-7801