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About the Program

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Division of Outreach Credit Programs work in partnership to deliver the bachelor of arts degree in psychology via distance education. After you have finished your lower division general and psychology courses at a community college or university, you are eligible for admission into the University of Wyoming psychology degree program delivered through Outreach. 

The degree program covers only upper-level psychology courses. The required psychology courses are PSYC 1000, 2000, and four or the five core courses (Biological - PSYC 2210 or 2080, Social - PSYC 4755 or 2380, Clinical - PSYC 4340 or 2340, Cognitive - PSYC 3120, and Developmental - PSYC 2300).

Students need a minimum of 33 hours in psychology with a minimum of 18 credit hours taken at the 3000- or 4000-level. The student must take at least one upper level course from a list of approved courses and the following:

  • six credit hours in either sociology or anthropology
  • either Principles of Biology (LIFE 1000 or 1003) or General Biology (BIOL 1010)
  • either Fundamentals of Statistics (STAT 2050) or Introductory Statistics for Social Sciences (STAT 2070)

In addition to completing the necessary hours in the psychology department, additional credits must be earned to meet department, university, and College of Arts and Sciences requirements.

While we offer mandatory sociology, anthropology, and statistics courses through outreach, required courses in math and biology must be taken on-site at a community college or through the university. A comprehensive outline of all degree requirements may be found in UW’s General Bulletin.

Click here to visit the UW Psychology Department.

Delivery Methods

Audio conferencing, video conferencing, and Web-based courses

Tuition and Fees:

Undergraduate tuition per credit hour + fees, textbooks, and packets

General Program Information

(800) 448-7801


Outreach Undergraduate Adviser

Dianne Davis, M.A.
125 College Drive
University of Wyoming/Casper College Center
Casper, WY 82601
(800) 448-7801