Wyoming Statewide Course Catalog

Wyoming students and advisors:

     The Wyoming Statewide Course Catalog, lists the 1000- and 2000-level courses taught throughout the state of Wyoming. This catalog of courses lists three types of lower level courses taught at each Wyoming community college and the University of Wyoming. These are: (1) transfer, (2) equivalencies, and (3) courses that do not transfer to the University of Wyoming.

     There are two types of courses that do transfer from each Wyoming community college to the University of Wyoming. The courses designated E (Equivalent) generally share the same prefixes, numbers, and titles and are equivalent across all Wyoming higher education institutions. The T (Transfer) courses transfer to the University, receiving general elective credit, even though they may not be taught at the university or one of the other community colleges.

     Advisors and students are advised to check with each department concerning courses they need to take to fulfill specific requirements of the major. Articulations may change at any time and without notice. Questions concerning information in this catalog should be address to the UW Office of the Registrar.

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