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Recent Working Papers

The University of Wyoming supports my research through the Paul Lowham research endowment. This endowment allows me to construct laboratory markets, which provide the data for hypotheses testing. Dale Menkhaus and I also have received U.S. Department of Agriculture grant support to conduct experiments on behavior in auctions and private negotiation. Latest versions of work-in-progress include:

Phillips, Owen R., Huang, Shanshan, and Menkhaus, Dale J., “The Next Deal in Repeated Bargaining: How ‘Getting to Yes’ Determines Equilibrium in Laboratory Markets,” May 2014 (pdf).


Phillips, Owen R., Cook, Benjamin R., Bastian, Christopher T., Menkhaus, Dale J., and Gao, Shen, “Diluting Institutional Favoritism: Linking Negotiations with Auctions and Vice Versa,” April 2014 (pdf).


Phillips, Owen R., Cook, Benjamin R., Strandholm, John C., Bastian, Christopher T., and Menkhaus, Dale J., “Tax and Subsidy Incidence in Negotiations,” September 2013 (pdf).


  Phillips, Owen R., Brodie, Allison, and Menkhaus, Dale J., “

Regulating Bidding Rings: Reserve Prices and Tacit Collusion in Laboratory Ascending Auctions,” August 2013 (pdf).


Mason, Charles F., and Phillips, Owen R., “Imminent Entry and the Transition to Multimarket Rivalry: Messy Markets in a Laboratory Setting,” June 2013 (pdf).


Phillips, Owen R., Rittmueller, Lindsey J., and Menkhaus, Dale J., “Forging Market Power in Negotiations: Choosing Bargaining Partners in Concentrated Bargaining Environments,” February 2013 (pdf).


van ’t Veld, Klaas T. and Phillips, Owen R., “Pegging Input Prices in Long-Term Contracts: CO2 Purchase Agreements in Enhanced Oil Recovery,” July 2009 (pdf).



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