Plant Physiological Ecology Laboratory


Student/Employment Opportunities
Ecology Graduate Program


Dr. Brent E. Ewers, Laboratory Leader



Post-Doctoral Reseachers

Dr. Carmela Rosaria (Lina) Guadagno


Graduate Students

Timothy Aston (PhD)

John Frank (PhD)

Andrew King (MS)

David Reed (PhD)

Faith Whitehouse (MS)



Undergraduates & Technicians

Kyle Anderson

Paul Buerke

Stan Devore

Samantha Ewers

Margon Hammon

Ben Ingold

Kaleb Kenneaster

Adrian Martinez

Rachel Strawn




Lab Alumni Undergrads/Techs

Ian Aberthany, Undergrad
Kyle Anderson, Undergrad

Sarah Adelman, Technician

Matthew Bell, Undergrad
Brandy Cline, Undergrad

Quintin Davis, Undergrad

Kelsey Delaney, Undergrad
Regan Harp, Undergrad

Claire Hudson, Undergrad

Lauren Johnson, Undergrad

Lakhvinder Mann, Technician

David Nykodyn, Undergrad
Darcy Sackett, Undergrad
Andrew, Schustad, Undergrad 
Matthew Seymour, Undergrad    


Lab Alumni Grad. Students

Jonathan Adelman, MS

Julia Angstmann, PhD

Meagan Cleary, PhD

Kusum Naithani, PhD

Melissa Thompson, MS

Elizabeth Traver, MS

Lab Alumni Post-Docs

Dr. Luitgard Schwendenmann

Dr. Hyojung Kwon


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