Algebra 1 Assessments
“Hey teacher! How will we ever use this stuff?”
Notes to the Teacher
Here is a collection of math assessments written especially for high school. They were created with Wyoming Math Standards in mind, but since they are based on the NCTM standards any teacher from any state will probably find them useful.
Each assessment is written to be a short, quick assignment that will give the teacher an easy way to see progress in different areas. Wyoming teachers can think of these as ‘mini BOE activities’. Most will take only a few minutes to complete, thus you don’t have to make big changes in your current curriculum. We also tried to base these on real-life applications so students can see the relevance in everyday life.
There are a total of 60 assessments written for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry. You can use as many or as few as you would like.
Ideas and suggestions are welcome. We would like to keep updating and improving these exercises. Send suggestions to Jim Hoffman at
Wyoming Math Standards:
    1-Number Operations and Concepts
    5-Data Analysis and Probability
Each of the assessments has a short description including math skills used and standards assessed. You can download the files in Word format (.doc) and make any changes you like. Just click the title to download.
Algebra 1
Hockey Rink: Theo wants to build a hockey rink. He needs to find the amount of flooring material for the rink...(math skills used: area, perimeter / standards 1,2,3)
Jamboree Dorm Assignments: You are in charge of assigning dorms for the Lakeside Summer Jamboree. In the past the ratio of girls to boys attending...(math skills used: ratio, proportion, organizing data / standards 1,5)
Fantasy Baseball: “Fantasy baseball” is a game whereby players manage imaginary baseball teams based on real-life performance…(math skills used: analyzing data / standards 1,3)
Tiles Around the Garden: Lana is planting a garden. She would like her garden in the shape of a square with sides…(math skills used: perimeter, writing expressions / standards 2,3,4)
Mixed Up Pizza Order: Manny called to order a pizza. The clerk at the store asked which toppings Manny would like. There are 5…(math skills used: probability / standards 5)
Making the Grade: Clifford has an overall homework score of 87. His three tests were 88, 93, and 94. What score will he need…(math skills used: overall average, weighted average / standards 1,5)
Silly Socks: Joanna has quite a collection of socks. In fact, she has so many socks that she has to put them in two drawers…(math skills used: probability / standards 5)
Gold Rush: Greg is going to Alaska this summer to explore the Alaskan wilderness. One trip he would like…(math skills used: analyzing data, mean, median, mode / standards 1,5)
Population Study: The population of the United States was 76 million in the year 1900. During the 20th century the population increased…(math skills used: percent increase, writing expressions / standards 1,4)
Painting Business: Elliot is starting a painting business to make extra money for the summer. He will need to purchase an extension ladder…(math skills used: Pythagorean thm / standards 1,2,3)
Wilderness Map: Ranger Gordon has three ranger stations within his assigned area.  To help with communication between…(math skills used: distance formula, midpoint formula / standards 2,3)
Odd Jobs: Benny and Cindy both want to make some extra money to buy a new mp3 player. Their parents agree to let…(math skills used: linear equations and graphs / standards 4,5)
Free Throw Award: Coach Williams is giving out individual awards for the basketball team. Coach would like to give an award…(math skills used: analyzing data, mean, median, mode / standards 1,5)
Crazy Horse Memorial: … home of the world’s largest mountain sculpture in progress, is in the Black Hills…(math skills used: scale, proportion / standards 1,2,3)
Rent Money: David, George, and Ray are college students who share a house. The rent is $450 a month which they split…(math skills used: linear equations and graphs / standards 2,4,5)