Research Experience for Teachers Program (RET)
The Research Experience for Teachers Program is funded by the National Science Foundation. It provides a professional development opportunity to K-12 teachers by placing them in a research laboratory during the summer. The RET Program supports active participation of teachers in research and education projects with the intent of facilitating professional development of teachers through strengthened partnerships between institutions of higher education and local school districts.
At the University of Wyoming we had two participants during the summer of 2007. Jim Hoffman is a high school math teacher from Riverside High School in Basin, WY. He developed lesson plans for high school math classes based on astronomy topics.
Elena Singer is an elementary teacher from Wyoming Indian Elementary School in Ethete, WY. She developed a thematic unit for grades K-5 based on Native American astronomy.
RET Program
2007 Participants: Jim Hoffman and Elena Singer
Teacher Web Sites with Lesson Plans