University of Wyoming
Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (SURAP)
The University of Wyoming is proud to offer its Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (SURAP) to undergraduates throughout the nation. SURAP is part of the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Participants are chosen from a wide variety of academic institutions and geographical areas.
SURAP students work closely with their advisor. Students are chosen by the WIRO staff to work on specific projects that their advisors feel are compatible with the abilities and interests of the undergraduate. The projects are designed to be completed in the summer. Some of the SURAP projects over the past two years have been in the areas of observational cosmology, galactic structure, studies of star formation regions, cataclysmic variables, Io volcanism, and infrared instrumentation. Numerous summer projects have led to published papers with joint authorship by the advisor and SURAP student. All undergraduates will assist their advisors on the telescope during the summer.
In addition to the specific student projects, numerous field trips to other scientific centers in Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region are available to the participants to introduce them to this unique environment. Every student will enjoy a five day trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in July.
SURAP Program
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