Gamma Ray Bursts
This image shows the decrease in luminosity of GRB 030329 as seen from RBO.  The object can been seen extremely well during the first couple of days and has a somewhat comparable magnitude to the USNO standard star.  By the tenth night, the magnitude of the source had faded to the limits of the telescope.  Overall this gamma ray burst was one of the most internationally researched burst of all time.  The data taken from RBO was extremely useful for the international effort of understanding this event.
Additional results include the following:
    GRB 060218/SN 2006aj
    GRB 050714A
    GRB 050713A
    GRB 051211B
    GRB 050908
    GRB 050520
    GRB 050502a
    GRB 030416
    GRB 030329
Gamma Ray Bursts are extremely energetic events that usually last no longer than a minute.    Gamma rays are composed of a tremendous amount of energy thus the events do not last very long.  Most imaging of GRB’s is actually the afterglow of the event.  The afterglow of the event typically emits x-ray and optical light that can last for hours, days or even months after the event.