Virtual Bison

A 3-Dimensional, Interactive Bison Skeleton

Created for the Zooarchaeology Classes at the University of Wyoming

Funded by the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning and the UW Anthropology Department

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Objects: View Bones Online at 360 Degrees

(Note: The majority of these objects are labeled, therefore they are best viewed if turned slowly with the mouse or arrow keys)


Skull (612k)

Mandible (505k)

Axial Skeleton:

Cervical Vertebra 1 (Atlas) (604k)

Cervical Vertebra 2 (Axis) (672k)

General Cervical Vertebra (704k)

Cervical Vertebra 6 (640k)

Cervical Vertebra 7(564k)

Thoracic Vertebra 1 (548k)

Thoracic Vertebra 14 (532k)

Lumbar 5 (474k)

Sacrum (323k)

Caudal (404k)

Rib 1 (470k) (Left)

Costal Cartilage (348k)

Appendicular Skeleton: All objects are of Left Bones Unless Otherwise Marked

Scapula (312k)

Humerus (540k)

Radius/Ulna (788k) (Right)

Metacarpal (512k)

Radial Carpal (584k)

Ulnar Carpal (516k)

Intermediate Carpal (520k)

Articulated Carpals (744k)

3rd Medial Phalanx (568k)

2nd Medial Phalanx (620k)

1st Medial Phalanx (548k)

Os Coxa (300k)

Femur (520k)

Tibia (572k)

Patella (596k) (Right)

Calcaneus (500k)

Astragalus(572k) (Right)

Metatarsal (444k)

Still Photos: Bones that could not be made into objects plus close-ups of Appendicular bones


View one

View two (cranial)

View three (caudal)


Proximal 1

Proximal 2

Distal 1


Distal view

Os Coxa:

View one


Proximal 1

Proximal 2



Proximal 1

Proximal 2


Rib 11-14

Rib 1-7


Distal Sesamoids

Proximal Sesamoids


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