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Projectile Points of the NW Plains

Soapstone in Wyoming's High Country

Pine Bluffs High Plains Archaeology Field Lab and Museum
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Donovan Archaeological Site (11.2 MB)

Bison Osteology

Wolf Osteology

Individual Objects:

Venus of Willendorf (cast) (577 kb)

Besant Point Replica by Rick Weathermon (290 kb)

Primate Crania

Hominid Fossils

Hominid Fossil Sites

Bone Injuries & Pathology

Virtual Hum
an Skeleton

Facial Reconstruction

Human Cranial Anatomy



Anthropology Building Tour (2.2 MB or 4.4 MB)

Coat Couture Collection of the American Heritage Center (6.6 or 6.9 MB)

Individual Files:

Prexy's Pasture (766 kb)

"Scary Movie" (aka, "It came from the lab")
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