The Baboon:
Baboons are the largest members of a group of old world monkey called the Cercopithecines. Baboons are found in the forests and savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa and consist of three genera and many species. Their locomotion is quadrupedal running and walking, and except for humans they are the most terrestrial primates. The diet of theses monkeys is a mix of fruits, tubers, seeds, leaves, ands also small mammals, insects, and bird eggs. Baboons range in social groups, according to species, from one male groups to a group of 250 individuals. Males typically compete for females and there is a male dominance hierarchy in all groups. Generally, baboons have long molars and broad incisors with sexually dimorphic canines. They have long snouts, well-developed browridges, long mandibles, and a non-globular braincase.