The Chimpanzee:
There are two species of chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus, and they are widespread in an extensive belt across central Africa. The chimps are primarily arboreal and get around on the ground by knuckle walking, but they inhabit a wide range of habitats including savannah areas with few trees. They eat fruit, leaves, insects, and some small mammals. The chimpanzee is a social animal, although they may spend a good deal of the time away from the group while feeding. The groups tend to consist of male relatives more frequently than female relatives, a drastic comparison to the gorilla social groups. Chimpanzee skulls are similar to those of the gorilla, but with several differences. Chimps have shallower faces, reduced mandibles, smaller sagittal and nuchal crests, reduced canines, and broader incisors and cheek teeth.