The Macaque:
Macaques (Macaca) are the only members of the Cercopitherecines that are found in Asia, Africa, and Europe and they have the widest distribution of all the primates except for humans. There are nineteen species of macaques and they vary in the habitats they occupy from being arboreal or terrestrial. These monkeys employ an almost quadrupedal walking and running style, which is surprising for the arboreal species. All macaques eat fruits as their primary diet, but many consume leaves, flowers, and some small animals. The social groups of macaques are large (50 or less individuals) and consist of female hierarchies and matrilineages, although the groups usually contain multiple males as well. Macaques share many characteristics with baboons. They have long snouts, large incisors, long molars, and a more rounded braincase than the baboons.