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Intramural Sports|Campus Recreation

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Intramural Sports
Rec Sports Office, Half Acre Gym 223
Dept. 3604
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: (307) 766-4175
Fax: (307) 766-6720
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Intramural Handbook

Note: Download the complete PDF version of the intramural handbook here.


I. Introduction to Intramural Sports


Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports Program offers University of Wyoming students, faculty, staff, and spouses the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of individual, dual, team, and meet sports at various levels of competition. Intramural Sports strives to provide structured and organized programs while assisting in the fulfillment of such basic human needs as relaxation, socialization, achievement, and physical wellness while promoting teamwork and mutual respect. It is the goal of the Intramural Sports Program to provide the University of Wyoming community the opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.

Goal Statement

The Intramural Sports Handbook is designed to provide Team Captains and participants with clear and concise guidelines and information that will assist them during their participation in intramural sports. The Intramural Sports Program is designed to complement the academic pursuit of the University of Wyoming and provide a recreational outlet to its students. Having fun is the main goal of any intramural activity.

Diversity Statement

The UW Intramural Sports Program is committed to diversity and endorses principles of affirmative action.  We acknowledge that diversity enriches and sustains our scholarship and promotes equal access to our educational mission.  We seek and welcome participants of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in our program. 

Recreational Sports Office

The University of Wyoming Recreational Sports Office is located in Half Acre, Room 206. The office is the primary source for intramural sports information and the location of all intramural sports staff. Office hours are 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is (307) 766–4175. Intramural information, including brackets, entry information, champion listings, official and supervisor information and the calendar of events, can also be obtained by logging on to the official intramural web page at

UW Intramural Website and

The official Intramural sports calendar will be available at the Intramural website at  This is the official site of rules, policies, and sport information.  The secondary source of information and the official registration site is available through

II. Captain's Responsibilities


Captain's Responsibilities

As a player, the team captain is held to a higher standard.  Team captains should set an example for their teammates by playing within the spirit of the rules and exhibiting an elevated level of sportsmanship.  In addition, team captains should address player conduct situations and incidents involving their teammates before intramural officials must step in to deal with the situation.

Team captains are responsible for:

  • Checking the eligibility of his/her teammates.  The eligibility requirements are listed in section IV.
  • Team Names- If the name is deemed inappropriate, the name must be changed before play begins (see Team Name Policy).
  • Ensuring all players check in with their WyoOne ID cards before participating in every contest.
  • The team captain must be familiar with all rules, schedules, weather-related issues, and policies and procedures of the Intramural Sports Program and pass this information along to team members.
  • Providing truthful information to UW Intramural staff when asked to do so.
  • Verifying that game results are accurately shown online prior to the end of the regular season.

Captain's Quiz

The team captain, upon registration at must complete and pass the online captain's quiz.  This quiz will consist of general rule questions and information about the league along with intramural policies.  A team may not be created until the captain passes this quiz.  Content from the captain's video will be included in the quiz.


All participants must present their current, valid UW ID card (WyoOne Cards ONLY) to the IM staff prior to participation in every contest.  Other forms of ID will not be accepted-this includes driver's licenses, class schedules, bank account statements, etc.  The photo on the card must be easily discernible.  ID's without easily viewable photos will not be accepted.  Anyone attempting to participate using another person's ID or information will be suspended from intramurals indefinitely, and may be reported to the Dean of Students. 

IV. Sportsmanship


Definition of Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is vital to the conduct of each intramural sport. All participants and spectators are expected to behave in a mature, sportsmanlike manner, regardless of the heat of competition. A team is responsible for the actions of all individual members and spectators directly related to the team. Teams and individuals are equally responsible for ensuring proper conduct before, during, and after the contest.

Definition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as improper behavior that includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, physical abuse, obscene gestures/actions, vulgar language, fighting and/or striking an official, supervisor or opponent and other acts of poor sportsmanship. Actions that are dangerous or conduct detrimental to the enjoyment and safety of other participants are not tolerated and are grounds for suspension from further intramural participation.


An ejected individual will remain suspended from all intramural activity until s/he meets with the Intramural Coordinator. Sanctioning may range from a minimum one game suspension to expulsion from Intramural and Recreational Programs for an indefinite period of time. As a result of a player being ejected, his/her team may be removed from intramural competition for the remainder of the current sport season.

Sportsmanship Ratings

Officials and/or supervisors will assess sportsmanship with a ratings system after a team game is played. The rating system is based on a five (5) point scale. In order to remain in intramural competition, an average of three (3) points must be maintained. An average of three (3) points is also necessary to advance to post-season play. Any ratings lower than two (2) will result in a meeting between the team captain and the Intramural Coordinator before play can be continued.

V. Intramural Eligibility


Who Can Play? All participants must sign up online at

  • Full-time UW Students (12 or more credits and have paid the Campus Recreation student fee as part of their semester tuition)
  • Part-time UW students who have a current Campus Recreation membership-one that is valid during the dates they play
  • Faculty/staff who have a current campus Recreation Membership-one that is valid during the dates they play
  • Spouses who have a current Campus Recreation Membership-one that is valid during the dates they play.

Access to the facilities is the responsibility of the participant!)

In order to play intramurals, you must be on your team's online roster by NOON of the day your team plays! (Note: most individual events do not require online registration)


Varsity Athletes

Any individual who is or has been a practicing member of the current varsity squad at the University of Wyoming is not eligible to compete in the intramural competition of their varsity sport or any sports related to that field. UW varsity letter winners are not eligible to play the sport of their specialty for two full years following their last varsity season. Teams are limited to two (2) ex-varsity athletes on the team roster and must play in division A competition.

Junior or Community College Players

Junior or community college transfer students in their first year at UW, who competed at their previous schools on the varsity squad, must enter in the A division of their specialty sport.  Teams are limited to two first year junior or community college players.

Club Sports Members

Teams are limited to two (2) club players in their specialty sport. Teams consisting of club sports participants must enter and compete in division A. The official club sports roster from the current and previous semester will be used in eligibility matters.

Multiple Team Participation

Although participants are not limited to the number of intramural sports they can compete in, participants may not play on more than one team or in more than one division in a given sport. After entering a contest a player may not transfer to another team. An individual is considered a member of the team they play for first. If a team is removed from a league for any reason, the members of that team become ineligible to participate in the remainder of that sport season. If it is discovered that an individual has played for multiple teams or played in multiple divisions, both teams may be subject to forfeiture of the contests in which the individual competed. If a person is found participating on a different team than their original team during the playoffs, both teams will be subject to forfeiture of their postseason contests. The participant will also be unable to continue play with any team for the remainder of the season.

EXAMPLE: A participant may play on both a men’s team and a co-recreational team. However, this individual may not play on a Men’s A team and a Men’s B team.

Team Rosters

The team roster is the official roster for every intramural sports team. Players may be added to a team’s roster at anytime during the regular season up through the second game of the post-season tournament. Players may be added through only.  Players must be added by NOON of the game day.

Enforcement of Intramural Eligibility

Maintaining the integrity of the Intramural Program includes enforcing Intramural Eligibility Policies. Team captains are responsible for the eligibility of their own players and the players of their opponents. However, the intramural sports staff, including the Intramural Coordinator, Graduate Assistants, Supervisors, Officials , and Office Staff reserve the right to check the eligibly of all participants. Any player/team found violating the following rules will be subject to the penalties listed at the end of this section.

Eligible Participants

All University of Wyoming students, faculty, staff, and spouses are eligible to compete in intramural activities provided they have access to all facilities and can present a valid UW identification card upon request by intramural staff. Any player using an assumed name is an ineligible player.

  • Any team permitting an ineligible player to participate forfeits the contest in which the ineligible player takes part.
  • Any player who violates the eligibility rules shall be ineligible from further competition.  Any teams the player has competed with may be subject to forfeiture of all contests.

Eligibility Penalties

The integrity of the Intramural Sports Program is based on various eligibility policies, rules, and requirements. It is important to understand that failure to comply with these policies may result in penalties.

1.  Any team permitting an ineligible player to participate forfeits the contest in which   the ineligible player takes part.

2.  Any player, who violates the eligibility rules, shall be ineligible from further competition. Any teams, for which the player has played, may be subject to forfeiture of all contests.

Appeals Process

In the event that a participant or participants do not agree with the Intramural Coordinator's final decision on suspension, expulsion, or other penalty, participants have the option of making an appeal to the Intramural Advisory Committee (IAC).  Appeals must be submitted to the Recreation Sports OFfice no later than 5 days after the final decision was made.  If a challenger wishes to possibly participate in their next scheduled contest, should the Coordinator's decision be overturned, the appeal must be turned in at least 24 hours prior to the next contest.  Appeals must be in the form of a typed letter (hard copy) to the IAC with a description of what happened from the challenger's point of view, as well as why the punishment is deemed unfair.  Only the participant(s) whom are being removed from participation in Intramural Sports may be present at the IAC hearing.  The UW Intramural Program reserves the right to bring witnesses and/or their testimony to the hearing.  Such witnesses would include, but are not limited to: the Intramural Coordinator, Graduate Assistants, Supervisors, Officials and Office Assistants.  After the case has been presented to the IAC, members will decide to uphold or overturn the Intramural Coordinator's decision.  The challenger will be notified via email the IAC decision within 24 hours after the decision is made.  All IAC decisions will be final.

VI. Levels of Competition


Gender Divisions

Most intramural team sports are divided into three leagues by gender: men’s, women’s and co-recreational. Males and females must play in their respective divisions, unless it is a specified co-recreational event. Participants of the opposite gender may only participate on a men’s or women’s division team if a division does not exist for their own gender or there are other unique circumstances. The Intramural Coordinator will make all final decisions regarding this matter. In the case of individual sports, only men’s and women’s leagues exist. Dual sports offer men’s, women’s and co-recreational pairs.

Competitive Classifications

UW Intramural Sports provides both competitive and recreational levels of participation to encourage individuals of all skill levels to compete. The levels of play vary with each sport.

  • The A league is for the more competitive and skilled teams/individuals.  This is appropriate for teams where the majority of players have played that sport in an organized setting (high school, city leagues, etc.).
  • The B league is for the more recreational and average skilled competitors.  A more relaxed environment, with a "just for the fun of it" type of attitude.In some cases, additional divisions may be added. In some sports, divisions may be combined due to limited entry

In some cases, additional leagues may be added.  In some sports, leagues may be combined due to limited entries.  For any one sport, a player is allowed to participate only on 1 men's team OR 1 women's team AND 1 co-ed team.  A player may represent only one team in a league or tournament.  (Playing on a men's or women's team AND a co-ed team is allowed).  After checking in for a team, that player may not play for another team.  When competitive and recreational division are offered for the same league, individuals may only play in only one.  Once a player checks in on a second team illegally, they are ineligible for all further competition in that sport for the remainder of the league or tournament, and all games played in after the violation are forfeited. 

NOTE: The Intramural Sports Program reserves the right to place teams in any division in the post-season tournament or combine classifications. The Intramural Coordinator has the authority to establish special rulings whenever deemed necessary.

VII. How to Sign Up


Team Entries

NOTE:  All Intramural participants must create an account through  Registration through and joining of a team constitutes the official team roster.

The following are the steps involved in entering an intramural event:

  1. Team captains must create an account through using their UWYO email address.
  2. The captain will then choose the sport that he/she wants to participate in through Intramural Sports calendar of events found under the University of Wyoming tab.
  3. When applicable, leagues will be divided into different levels of play including gender.  FIrst choose the league they wish to compete in and select their division time.
  4. Click the create team button and input the necessary information.
  5. By accepting the online waiver you agree to the Intramural Sports policies.
  6. Each team captain must complete and pass a short online Captain's Quiz.
  7. Sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier a team signs up, the more choices available for playing times. On occasion, if facilities and/or time are limited, only a pre-determined number of entry forms will be accepted. Teams who turn in an entry form after the entry deadline, may be placed on a waiting list. Teams are guaranteed their playing times if the team captain or team representative is present at the mandatory representative meeting held prior to the start of each major team sport. Failure to attend the meeting may cause a team to be bumped from competition and will allow a waiting list team to fill the vacant spot. Wait listed teams that do not make it into a league will have the opportunity to play in the postseason tournament.
  8. Game rules will be available in the Intramural office, on the Intramural website, and through

Adding Players to a Team

  1. On the team homepage, click on Add Players on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Search for players' names.
  3. Click Add next to the respective participants you would like to join your team.  (Note: players must first register at, before they can be added)


Individual and Dual Sports Entries

The following are the steps involved in entering an individual or dual sport competition:

  1. Pick up an entry packet consisting of an information sheet and entry form in the intramural sports office. These forms are available one and one half weeks prior to the entry deadline.
  2. Read over the information sheet to find out competition dates and times, rules, and the entry deadline. Some individual and dual sports allow sign-ups through the start of competition while others have a specific entry deadline prior to the start of the event. Completely fill out the entry form. For individual sports, the participant’s W Number and signature are required. For dual sports, the W Numbers of both participants are needed along with a signature from either partner.
  3. Individual and dual sports do not require a separate sign-up for game days and times. However, most entry forms advise the participant to indicate those days that would not be convenient for them to play. Please note any other conflicts on the entry form or address them to the intramural staff member present upon turning in the entry form. The bracket will be posted on the intramural bulletin boards on the designated date mentioned in the informational sheet. Please check the bracket as soon as possible to confirm or reschedule any playing times.
  4. Sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis. On occasion, if facilities and/or time are limited, only a pre-determined number of entry forms will be accepted.
  5.  There are no representative meetings for individual or dual sports. A copy of the bracket and the sport’s rules will be available in the intramural sports office and on the intramural website. Any other additional information will be posted on the intramural bulletin boards at the date specified in the entry packet.


Free Agent Entries (Players without a team)

For programming purposes, the Intramural Program only accepts complete teams during the entry process for team sports. Any person wishing to participate but is unable to create a team of their own, should follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on the free agent list in the given sport on in order to be contacted by a team needing additional players. Please include your name, phone number, email, days available to play and what division(s) you are qualified to play in.
  2. Attend the mandatory representative meeting for the sport you wish to play in. Here, the Intramural Coordinator or sport supervisor will see that you are placed on a team. Sometimes, there are enough interested free agents that they are combined into their own team. If this is the case, this information will be announced at the representative meeting.
  3. If a free agent is unable to attend the representative meeting, s/he may come to the intramural sports office for a list of names and phone numbers of teams seeking additional players.


Wait Listed Teams

Teams wishing to sign up after the entry deadline has passed may ask to be placed on a waiting list. There is no guarantee that wait listed teams will be entered into regular season play. The team captain or representative must be present at the representative meeting in case spots open up due to absences by other teams. Wait listed teams will be offered open spots in the order they signed up on the waiting list. If spots do not open up at the representative meeting, wait listed teams may be offered a spot in the post-season tournament or have the opportunity to fill any vacated spots that may arise during the regular season.

Team Name Policy

A team name that promotes intolerance, degrades a racial, ethnic, gender or religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference or promotes destructive behavior, is considered disrespectful to University members and the University community at large. The name will be deemed inappropriate by intramural sports staff and be modified accordingly.

VIII. Sport Rules and Schedule

Sport Rules

Game Procedures

League Schedule



Self-officiated Leagues

Individual and Dual Sports


Sport Rules

Each intramural sport has its own set of rules. These rules combine national, collegiate and high school rules along with additional intramural rules. All sport rules can be found on the UW Intramural website.   handout of all rules for a specific sport will be available at all team representative meetings and in the intramural office.  There are no restrictions on the number of sports in which an individual may participate.


Game Procedures

All participants should arrive at the playing field/court at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

Participants should check in with the on-site intramural supervisor. The supervisor will then direct the team to their designated field/court.

Participants should seek out the clipboard for their game. Clipboards are available from the supervisor, the game official for a team’s designated field/court, or at the field/court’s scorer’s table.

All participants must have joined the team through by NOON on the day of competition.  This is the official team roster for the contest and will be used in determining a team's participation.

Any participants wishing to use intramural equipment for warm-ups must present a valid UW ID card to the equipment manager. Individuals are held responsible for all damaged, lost, or stolen equipment.


League Schedule

For team sports, the days and times of league play are determined prior to the distribution of entry packets. Choice of playing times and days are on a first come, first serve basis. League play is structured to accommodate students’ schedules. Teams will play once a week for three weeks.


All teams who competed in regular season play without a forfeit and maintained a sportsmanship rating of three (3) or better and those teams on a waiting list are eligible for post-season play. Post-season tournaments are single elimination. For most divisions, only one playoff bracket is established. However, the Intramural Coordinator reserves the right to split leagues into two or more tournament brackets based on team records and point differentials.  The winners of each respective bracket will be crowned intramural champions. The playoffs will use the best-worst method of seeding whenever possible. Tournament games will be played at different times and days other than a team’s regular league playing time. Therefore, teams should be prepared to play at anytime. The playoff schedule will be posted by 1:00 p.m. the day following the last day of regular season play. All team captains should check the tournament brackets immediately and direct any questions or game conflicts to the intramural staff before 6:00 p.m. on the day the brackets are posted. NO TOURNAMENT GAME INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE.


  • League Competition

If a tie should occur during regular league play, the outcome of the game will stand as a tie.

  • Playoff Competition

If a tie should occur during playoff competition, the game will go into overtime play as determined in the specific rules of each sport. The game will be played until a winner is declared.

Self-officiated Leagues

Individual and team sportsmanship is of vital importance in all self-officiated activities. The responsibility to ensure fairness in every contest is shared by all teams involved. If the intramural sports staff is needed to intercede to remove or eject players or spectators for any inappropriate conduct, the situation will be handled very seriously.

Individual and Dual Sports

Individual and dual sports are self-officiated in some instances and officiated by intramural staff in other situations. The format for individual and dual sports depends on the number of participants. Competition is usually a double elimination or round robin tournament format. The brackets are posted in the intramural office, on the intramural web page and through In the case of self-officiated events, participants are responsible for reporting their scores to the intramural office upon completion or the next business day. Failure to report game outcomes could result in a forfeit. Individuals are also responsible to play at scheduled competition times. Rules for each competition are available in the intramural office and on the intramural web page.

IX. Forfeits

NOTE: Online registrations are a contract with the Intramural Sports Program to the effect that the individual or team will be scheduled for competition, and that the individual or team will be ready to play at the scheduled date, time, and location. Please honor this contract.

  • Intramural contests will begin at the scheduled game time. Game time is determined by the official’s or supervisor’s watch/clock on each field/court. In case of an unavoidable delay (i.e. weather or overtime match), the starting time may be adjusted at the discretion of the on-site supervisor.
  • A team has 10 minutes after game time to field the needed number of players for competition. If one team is present on time and with the minimal number of needed players, they must wait 10 minutes for their opponent before winning by forfeit. After the designated wait period is exhausted, the team present will take the win and a forfeit loss will be recorded for the absent team.
  • Continued unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness may result in the forfeiture of a contest. Officials and supervisors have the authority to forfeit any contest.
  • If a team is unable to participate at the scheduled time, the team captain or representative may call the intramural sports office prior to the scheduled game and a default may be requested. Defaults must be made 24 hours before the start of an intramural activity. A default is listed as a loss but not a forfeit. Defaults do not result in removal from post-season play.
  • If a team is registered for the overall campus champions competition, points will be deducted from their score for each forfeit they acquire.


X. Rescheduling

NOTE: Any rescheduling should be done through the recreational sports office. A complete list of participants’ phone numbers and email addresses are available in the office.

League Competition

Individual or Dual Competition/Tournament

Post-season/Playoff Competition


League Competition

In league competition, rescheduling must be completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. League games are usually unable to be rescheduled due to time and field space constraints, unless extreme circumstances prevail. If a team is unable to make a regular season league game, it is asked that they default. Defaults are granted if a team cannot play at the scheduled time and the office is notified ahead of time. A team may default to another team without incurring a forfeit. Defaults do not prevent teams from competing in the post-season tournament.

Individual or Dual Competition/Tournament

An individual or dual tournament match or regular season game may be rescheduled if:

  • All participants agree to change.
  • Competition will be played prior to the next scheduled match.
  • The participants make reservations and facility arrangements.

NOTE: All individual or dual competition rescheduling must be relayed to the intramural office, in order for the staff to make the appropriate changes to the brackets and/or schedules.

Post-season / Playoff Competition

Since the post-season tournament asks that participants play on nights other than their regular league times, the recreational sports office understands that conflicts may occur. In playoff competition, rescheduling must be completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. The team captain requesting a game change MUST come to the Recreational sports office and fill out a change of game form.  No game change requests will be granted over the phone.  The recreational sports office will have a complete list of times available for rescheduling. Both teams must mutually agree on the change of game.

NOTE: The office will make every attempt to reschedule a tournament game. In any rescheduling, if the opposing team is unable to reschedule, the team requesting the change of game must either make an attempt to play at the scheduled time or declare a forfeit/default.

XI. Protests


Contest Protests

A Contest Protest involves a rule interpretation during an intramural contest. All contest protests must be made by the protesting team’s captain in the presence of the officials, supervisor, and the opposing team’s captain at the time and place of the incident. The protest must be made before the next ‘live ball’ situation. Once play has resumed, no protests on past plays are acceptable. If the decision is still seen as unsatisfactory, the protesting team’s captain may file a protest form. The Intramural Coordinator will make the final decision by the end of the next working day after the incident occurs. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THE JUDGEMENT CALL OF THE OFFICIAL.

Player Eligibility Protests

A Player Eligibility Protest involves a team captain protesting the eligibility of his/her opponents. All player eligibility protests must be submitted in writing to the intramural sports office by the next working day. A player eligibility protest form is available to be filled out.


XII. Health and Risk Responsibilities of Participants

Participation in Intramural Sports is voluntary. Injuries may occur. The University of Wyoming and the Intramural Sports Program are not responsible for injuries incurred during intramural play. It is recommended that participants have satisfactory health status and accident insurance coverage. In the event of an injury, the Intramural Sports Program and the University of Wyoming will not cover payment for treatment.

All intramural participants must sign a liability/waiver form each time they participate.  This form acknowledges the risk inherent in intramural activities and waives the University of Wyoming and its assigns from liability for ordinary negligence resulting from injuries that occur during intramural competition.

XIII. Emergency Response Procedures


Inclement Weather

  • Office Cancellations

        Games may be postponed due to weather. The intramural office will reschedule the games if possible. The decision to postpone due to weather will be made after 3:00 p.m. on the scheduled game day. To check on game cancellations call the Campus Recreation info-line at 766–3370.


  • On-site cancellations

        In some cases, games may be canceled by the on-site supervisor if inclement weather occurs during play. If this should happen, teams will be asked to call the intramural sports office the next day for rescheduling information. In some cases, a member of the intramural sports staff may contact the team captain or a representative to relay any game cancellations or postponements.


  • Lightning

        Intramural supervisors will follow the "30/30 Rule" when lightning is visible.  The 30/30 Rule states that people should seek shelter if the "Flash-To-Bang" delay (length of time in seconds between a lightning flash and its subsequent thunder) is 30 seconds or less, and that they remain under cover until 30 minutes after the final clap of thunder.  After 30 minutes passes without any signs of lightning, play may be resumed if time allows.


Injuries may occur during intramural competition. All intramural supervisors are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. Fully equipped medical kits are available at every intramural event. An injury/accident report is filed for each injury/accident. This is kept on record in the intramural sports office for insurance purposes.

  • Minor Injuries: Supervisors will assess the injury on site and give the proper medical attention to the best of their abilities based on their training. Intramural Supervisors are not authorized to diagnose injuries; however, they are charged to provide an appropriate standard of care for the injured individual.  They may make recommendations based on the injured individual's condition, including taking advantages of services provided by the Wellness Center, Student Health Services, and Ivinson Memorial Hospital.
  • Serious Injuries: Some injuries are too serious to be handled on-site and students may be advised to seek professional attention. The intramural sports staff reserves the right to activate EMS or seek professional medical attention when they feel it is in the best interest of the health and safety of the injured individual. Examples of these types of injuries may include, but are not limited to, loss of consciousness, serious head injury, severe bleeding, seizure, heart attack, stroke, spinal injury, and suspected break/fracture.
  • Bleeding: If a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or has an excessive amount of blood on his/her clothing, s/he shall be removed from the game in order to receive medical attention. A participant may return to the game only when the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered, and/or the clothing has been changed.


Serious Incident

Should a serious incident, such as a fight, occur, supervisors will attempt to gain control of the situation, and will call Campus Police.  All individuals involved in the incident are expected to remain until Campus Police arrive to investigate the incident.


XIV. Awards

Intramural champion T-shirts are awarded to the winners of each division. The information form announces the maximum number of T-shirts awarded per team. The intramural sports staff may check the eligibility of all participants. All T-shirts may be picked up at the intramural sports office on the next business day. For events taking place in Half Acre, an intramural supervisor may award T-shirts immediately after the event.

XV. General Information



Pets are not permitted in university buildings or on intramural/city playing fields. Pets brought to intramural contests must be on a leash and must remain off all playing areas.

Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Policy

No alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are allowed in university buildings or at intramural/city fields before, during, or after intramural sports competition. The intramural sports staff reserves the right to restrict play or eject anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Intramural spectators are also obligated to abide by these same rules and the intramural sports staff reserves the right to remove these individuals from the sidelines.

Indoor Facilities

No food or drink is allowed at any indoor intramural sports site. Water bottles and sports drinks are permitted as long as they remain off the playing court at all times. All jackets, warm-ups, hats, etc. should be stored in the locker rooms, the available coat closets, or placed on the available hooks and cubbies in the main gym of Half Acre. Please do not clutter the sidelines with equipment and/or clothing.


  • Proper athletic equipment must be worn. Gym shoes are required whenever participating in Half Acre, Corbett or the Multi-Purpose Gymnasium. Shoes deemed unsafe by the officials will be prohibited. Only tennis shoes, soft-soled, non-marking shoes, or molded rubber cleats are permitted in outdoor activities. NO METAL CLEATS ARE ALLOWED. A team caught using prohibited equipment will be subject to forfeiture of the contest.
  • Intramural Sports provides the game equipment for most team sports. Teams are expected to provide their own equipment for warm-ups. Team representatives can use their UW ID cards, a driver’s license, or another acceptable photo ID to check out equipment from the staff. Teams will be held financially responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Contact the intramural sports office for additional equipment information pertaining to a specific sport.
  • HATS/CAPS: Hard-billed hats are allowed ONLY during softball and baseball events. Soft caps (stocking caps and wool caps) are allowed during outdoor events. Bandannas and headbands are allowed during indoor competition.
  • Jewelry
  • NO JEWELRY WILL BE PERMITTED in intramural events that feature contact between participants. These events include, but are not limited to, Flag Football, Soccer, Softball, Paintball, Ultimate Frisbee, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Wallyball, Racquetball,  Slam Dunk, Skiing, Snowboarding, and Tube Water Polo. Jewelry includes, but is not limited to, earrings, wedding rings or bands, other rings, necklaces, bracelets, rubber bands, and metal barrettes. The only exception to this rule is a medic alert bracelet or necklace. In that case it must be taped down. If you refuse to remove your jewelry you will not be allowed to participate. TAPING OF JEWELRY TO THE BODY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. ALL JEWELRY MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO THE INTRAMURAL EVENT.
  • In general, no equipment should be worn or used which could result in the injury of others or oneself.
  • The intramural sports staff takes precautions to make intramural activities as safe as possible for participants. The intramural sports office reserves the right to restrict individuals from participating with improper footwear, personal property, or any other item deemed dangerous.


Equipment check-out/Rental

University of Wyoming student clubs/organizations and Laramie community clubs/organizations may checkout intramural equipment for use in their respective sport activities. Equipment is available for use free of charge. However, minimal costs will be assessed for the purchase of officials’ whistles. To checkout equipment, an equipment rental request must be filled out in the intramural sports office. There is a limited supply of equipment available for checkout and some rentals may require a designated return date due to intramural use. Individuals assume responsibility for all equipment and are required to pay for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Proposal for a New Activity or Event

Students are given the opportunity to introduce new activities for addition to the Intramural Sports Calendar of Events. Approval will be based upon the philosophy of the program, facilities required, student interest, cost of equipment, personnel needs and safety considerations.

Intramural Sports Employment Opportunities

  • The UW Intramural Sports Office provides paid work opportunities for sports officials, intramural supervisors, and office assistants. Application forms are available in the intramural sports office or through the Human Resources Department.
  • Previous experience as an official is desired but not required. Training clinics are offered before the start of each sport in order to teach the required skills.
  • None of these employment opportunities prevent participation in intramural sports.

The University of Wyoming is an equal opportunity employer.


In cases where policies are not outlined in this handbook, the intramural sports staff and Coordinator reserve the right to use common sense, fairness and the “spirit of the University of Wyoming Intramural Sports Program” in providing interpretations on the policies and procedures contained within.

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