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The class schedule is subject to change without notice. This page reflects courses scheduled as of 3/14/12 8:00

Students are responsible for being aware of and meeting course prerequisites as listed in the University Catalog. Students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped from those courses.

An asterisk ( * ) following the course reference number (CRN) indicates controlled enrollment. You must contact the appropriate academic department to obtain permission to register for the course and for professor/section choice.

Enrolled students must attend classes from the first day of class or they may be dropped to allow waitlisted students to enroll.
Waitlisted students must attend the first class session and all subsequent class session through the add/drop period to remain on the waitlist.
Waitlisted students should not buy textbooks until they are officially enrolled.
Classes may require additional meeting times beyond scheduled times for discussion and review session and guest speakers.

CRNUSPCourse IDCourse TitleHrsDaysMeeting TimesBldg.RoomInstructorPrereqs/
10600CHPHIL1000-01Intro to Phil3MW10:00am10:50amCR133SherlineNo/No8080Open
Students must enroll in a discussion section (20-23)
10601CHPHIL1000-02Intro to Phil3MW11:00am11:50amAG4041StaffNo/No4040Open
Students must enroll in a discussion section (24-25)
13109CHPHIL1000-03Intro to Phil3TR11:00am12:15pmCR314GoodinNo/No6060Open
No discussion required for this section.
12119CHPHIL1000-20Discussion - Lecture Sec 10F09:00am09:50amCR137SherlineNo/No2222Open
12120CHPHIL1000-21Discussion - Lecture Sec 10F10:00am10:50amCR144SherlineNo/No2222Open
12121CHPHIL1000-22Discussion - Lecture Sec 10F10:00am10:50amBU9SherlineNo/No2222Open
12122CHPHIL1000-23Discussion - Lecture Sec 10F11:00am11:50amCR137SherlineNo/No2222Open
16167CHPHIL1000-24Discussion - Lecture Sec 20F11:00am11:50amCR144StaffNo/No2222Open
16168CHPHIL1000-25Discussion - Lecture Sec 20F12:00pm12:50pmCR137StaffNo/No2222Open
16153CHPHIL2100-01The Greek Mind3MWF09:00am09:50amEN1055ColterNo/No3030Open
12484PHIL3000-01Tp:Phil of Computer Science3TR11:00am12:15pmAG1030HillYes/No3030Open
Crosslisted with: COSC3900
Title: Introduction to the Philosophy of Computer Science
16156PHIL3100-01Hist Modern Phil:Rationalists3MWF11:00am11:50amBU8GoodinNo/No3030Open
16159PHIL3140-01Phil of Science3MWF01:10pm02:00pmEA225StaffNo/No3030Open
12761GPHIL3250-01Global Justice3MWF12:00pm12:50pmBU24SherlineNo/No3030Open
Crosslisted with: PHIL5020
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
13112PHIL4300-01Topics in Ethics3R03:00pm05:30pmEA215SherlineYes/No99Open
Crosslisted with: PHIL5300
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
16160PHIL4510-01Theory of Knowledge3T03:00pm05:30pmRH135MoffettYes/No99Open
Crosslisted with: PHIL5510
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
Crosslisted with: PHIL4020
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
10602PHIL5300-01Topics in Ethics3R03:00pm05:30pmEA215SherlineNo/Yes66Open
Crosslisted with: PHIL4300
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
16161PHIL5510-01Theory of Knowledge3T03:00pm05:30pmRH135MoffettNo/Yes66Open
Crosslisted with: PHIL4510
Philosophy majors have enrollment priority
13392*PHIL5940-01Cont Reg: Off Campus1MoffettNo/Yes33Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
12572*PHIL5960-01Thesis Research1-12MoffettNo/Yes33Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only

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