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The class schedule is subject to change without notice. This page reflects courses scheduled as of 2/27/13 8:56

Students are responsible for being aware of and meeting course prerequisites as listed in the University Catalog. Students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped from those courses.

An asterisk ( * ) following the course reference number (CRN) indicates controlled enrollment. You must contact the appropriate academic department to obtain permission to register for the course and for professor/section choice.

CRNUSPCourse IDCourse TitleHrsDaysMeeting TimesBldg.RoomInstructorPrereqs/
18252FIN3100-01Real Estate Development3TR01:20pm02:35pmBU121LindstromNo/No6060Open
11782FIN3250-01Corporate Finance3MW08:10am09:25amBU121BerachaYes/No6464Open
Prerequisites: ACCT 1010, STAT 2010 or equivalent,
Junior class standing
16971FIN3250-02Corporate Finance3TR09:35am10:50amBU129CookYes/No6464Open
13911FIN3310-01Investment Management3TR01:20pm02:35pmBU209ChoiYes/Yes3030Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, Advanced Business Standing
Restricted to Finance majors/minors.
16054FIN3310-02Investment Management3MWF11:00am11:50amBU208SkibaYes/Yes3030Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, Advanced Business Standing,
Restricted to Finance majors/minors.
13909FIN3520-01Financial Mkts & Institutions3MWF10:00am10:50amBU127StaffYes/Yes6464Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, STAT 2010 (or equivalent),
IMGT 2400 (or equivalent), Advanced Business
18108FIN3520-40Financial Mkts & Institutions3ChoiYes/Yes4040Open
Offered Nationwide; Aug 26-Dec 13.
Delivery Method: Online UW.
12459FIN4100-01Internship: Finance1-4FarkasNo/No55Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, Advanced Business Standing,
or consent of instructor. May not be used as a substitute
for a FIN or ECON elective.
17593FIN4250-01Adv Corporate Finance3TR09:35am10:50amBU210GogineniYes/No3030Open
14618FIN4340-01Portfolio Management I3TR11:00am12:15pmBU109FlemingYes/No1212Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3310, Advanced Business Standing.
14619FIN4340-02Portfolio Management I3TR01:20pm02:35pmBU109FlemingYes/No1212Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3310, Advanced Business Standing.
17594FIN4460-01Multinational Finance3MWF09:00am09:50amBU129SkibaYes/Yes4848Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, 3310
11785FIN4510-01Bank Management3TR11:00am12:15pmBU123ShafferYes/Yes6464Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, IMGT 2400 (or equivalent),
Advanced Business Standing
12279FIN4540-01Banking Policy3TR02:45pm04:00pmBU127ShafferYes/Yes4040Open
Prerequisites: FIN 4510 or concurrent enrollment in FIN 4510
16055FIN4800-01Real Estate Finance3MW11:00am12:15pmBU108BerachaYes/No4040Open
Prerequisites: FIN 3250 and Advanced Business Standing
Prerequisites: FIN 3250, IMGT 2400 (or equivalent), Senior
class standing, Advanced Business Standing and written
consent of instructor.
12461*FIN5320-01Corp Fin & Govern3TR08:10am09:25amBU221GogineniNo/No2020Open
11789FIN5890-01Adv Probs:Finance1-9Van 't VeldNo/No3030Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
11790FIN5920-01Cont Reg: On Campus1-2Van 't VeldNo/No3030Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
11791FIN5940-01Cont Reg: Off Campus1-2Van 't VeldNo/No3030Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
13975FIN5960-01Thesis Research1-12Van 't VeldNo/No3030Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only

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